What To Look For In An Ideal Neighborhood in Cyprus?

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When you make the decision of moving into a new neighbourhood, it is important to be thorough about doing your research, and making sure that it meets all your requirements. Moving into a neighbourhood that you are unfamiliar with is not just a poor choice, but in fact, it can turn into a grave risk for you and your family.
In this article, we will walk you through some basic requirements of an ideal neighbourhood so you can familiarize yourself with your soon-to-be community.

cyprus ideal neighbourhood


A neighbourhood that thrives on the community bonds of unity and cooperation will welcome you and your family, allowing you to start a new life and be surrounded by friends instead of strangers. This will allow you and your family to make new friends and be part of a thriving community. Seek out community centres, local pubs, fairs, farmer’s markets and whatever local events you can track up in a short span of time if you are really serious about investing in a house.


Unless you want your commuting fares to rise alarmingly high, you need to find a centrally-located neighborhood that offers convenience of transportation. It must allow you to access all the leading job opportunities, alongside your existing job. Centrally-located neighbourhoods with easy access to economic epicentres are generally considered ideal, especially if you are moving to a new city with the intention of starting over.


Be sure to check around for healthcare facilities, infrastructure, gymnasiums, restaurants, clubs, entertainment centres, cinemas, super markets and all the other amenities that are important to your life quality. It is important to be located in the close proximity of quality medical centres, emergency hospitals, along with enjoying easy accessibility to internet services, telecommunication networks, auto repair shops and more.


While it is impossible to find a neighbourhood that is completely immune to the scourge of crime, one can always look for and find neighbourhoods that are secure and bound together by a community spirit and unity. Be sure to examine crime rate statistics, police availability and other relevant information to compare your choices of neighbourhoods before you make the final decision. It is also important to not rely too much on realtors and sellers in this case, and do your own research by asking around and interacting with people from the neighbourhood, and of course, visiting the local library and police station.


If you have a family consisting of kids that have yet to make the glorious journey from school, to college and so-forth, it is important to buy your dream house in a neighbourhood that is home to innovative institutions and quality schools. Even in the case of high school and college-going kids, it is important to be based in centrally-located neighbourhoods that allow you and your children the luxury and opportunity to enjoy quality public education, public libraries, community centres and other beneficial institutes. You can also check our article about family entertainment opportunities in Larnaca.

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