Visiting Cyprus This Summer: Top 5 Places to Explore

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Visiting cyprus this summer

If you are thinking of visiting Cyprus this summer then you may be wanting to learn more about what the island can offer you. There are plenty of activities, beautiful scenic adventures and beachside bars to visit, it all depends on what you prefer to gain from your holiday. Whether you are a permanent resident or tourist to the island of Cyprus, there is always new things to explore and that is exactly why we have created this article.

This article will feature the top 5 places to explore in Cyprus based on travel blog reviews, TripAdvisor and local knowledge. We have covered a wide range of hobbies and activities so that everyone can find something that suits them this summer.

visit Cyprus beaches


Whether you have just booked a holiday to Cyprus or you have lived here for years, you will know about the beaches of Cyprus. Many of the beaches on the island have been awarded blue flag status so you are guaranteed crystal-clear waters and safe swimming locations. Because of this we could not decide which beach took our number one spot, so we picked 2.

Our first beach is none other than Konnos Beach, the beach that is surrounded by dense greenery and shallow waters. Nestled between Cape Greko and Protaras, Konnos Beach is perfect for a quick visit to take some Instagram worthy pictures or a full day of sunbathing and watersports, depending on what you want. This beach is popular with locals as well as tourists as it sheltered from waves, making it extremely family friendly. It also has restaurants and convenience stores close by so nothing is too much of a hassle.

Our second beach is 195km west of Konnos Bay, we are of course talking about Coral Bay. This beach also has blue flag status and its golden sand attracts thousands of tourists as well as locals every summer. Coral Bay is extremely accessible, it is in walking distance from most hotels and restaurants within the area and has a bus stop near the parking lot.

Both the beaches we have mentioned can get crowded during the height of Cypriot summer but that is just due to how loved they are and we advise every tourist to visit these at least once on your trip.

Cape Greko National Park

If you know Cyprus, then you know why Cape Greko is a must when visiting Cyprus this summer. With nature walks, sea caves and various picturesque viewing points it is an ideal place for adventures for any type of person. The park is filled with signposts so if you are an avid hiker then Cape Greko is the perfect spot, with Agioi Anargyroi being the most popular walk. This 1.5 hour hike begins at the whitewashed chapel of Agioi Ananrgyoi and guides you along the coast, with views of the sea caves and the natural bridge of Kamara Tou Koraka.

Cape Greko is also ideal for anyone who wants to either scuba dive or snorkel. Its crystal blue waters and rich marine life make it one of the best spots in Cyprus. The underwater experience is like no other, however, if you are not a fan of scuba diving or snorkeling then there is also the option to simply explore the sea caves by foot or have a picnic in the national parks dedicated picnic area.

Baths of Aphrodite

The Baths of Aphrodite, which is next on our list of places to go when visiting Cyprus this summer, is located in the district of Paphos, in an area called Akamas. It attracts thousands of people each year due to its tranquil location and great myths.

It is said to be the cave where the Goddess of Love, Aphrodite once bathed and that if you too, bathe in the waters, then you will be given eternal youth or even fall in love with the next person you see. Because of this is it understandable why the attraction sees so many couples taking the trip to bathe together. The spring is surrounded by greenery allowing visitors to take a small hike through the park and even go birdwatching during certain periods of the year.

It is also worth mentioning that Paphos has another, equally beautiful spring, Adonis Baths.

Makenzy, Larnaca

Although Makenzy (Mackenzie) is another blue flag beach that is not the reason we have added it to our top 5 places to visit in Cyprus. Makenzy beach offers numerous places to dine, grab coffee or even just hang out at a bar. It is undoubtably most famous for Lush Beach Bar and Ammos Beach Bar, these 2 bars see locals travel from different cities every weekend during the summer months, proving their popularity. Lush Beach Bar provides an urban Mediterranean feel to those that choose to hang out there, with a chilled atmosphere and creative dishes to eat as well as a variety of drinks it is perfect for that beachside hangout.

Ammos Beach Bar is another popular beachside retreat along Makenzy. Again, it offers amazing food along with some imaginative cocktails that make it well-liked amongst Cypriots as well as tourists. It also attracts music and dance lovers, making it an ideal place for young adults in the evening and night.

Makenzy also some beautiful spots for coffee, including a Caffe Nero and a South Coast, with relaxing outside areas suitable for absolutely everybody.


If you are planning on visiting Cyprus this summer, have already booked your trip to the island or even a local who want a quick break from reality then we know you will love to visit or even revisit the top 5 places we have listed in the article above. Each of these locations has been picked from our knowledge of the island as well as reviews and popular blog posts that name these places as the best amongst many. Not only are they some of the best places, they also offer different things for different people; beaches offering scenic lunch locations and full days of relaxation. Cape Greko offering walks, snorkeling adventures and picnics. The Baths of Aphrodite will give visitors magical stories, bathing spots and even bird watching locations while Makenzy is known for being the perfect for coffee, cocktails or a beautiful dining spot.

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