Things to Do in Winter in Cyprus

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Winter in Cyprus

Although Cyprus sees fewer tourists visiting between November to April, there are still various things to do in winter in Cyprus. The island is the perfect destination if you are looking for a bit of escapism during the winter months, where you can still stroll along the beach or hike through the picturesque mountains. Cyprus has one of the warmest winters in the Mediterranean, averaging 22–23 °C during the day and 12–14 °C at night; therefore, the weather is perfect for exploring.
In this article, we will explore some of the best things to do in winter in Cyprus to show you what adventures you can have.

skiing in Cyprus in winter

Exploring the Troodos

The first adventure we will explore on our list of things to do in winter in Cyprus is a trip to the Troodos mountains. Although you might know Cyprus as a sunny holiday destination, this area of the island often sees snowfall in the winter months. Mount Olympus, the highest point in Cyprus, is usually covered with snow for three months of the year, giving people the option to partake in winter sports, including skiing and snowboarding. From January through to March, the mountains ski resort is open for people to enjoy; it is professional and beginner-friendly with 12 skiing and snowboarding pistes and an elevator to take you back to the top once you’ve reached the bottom.
People who visit the Troodos mountains go for various lengths of time. You can take a day trip or book a hotel or Airbnb if you would prefer to stay for longer. Many of the hotels in this area have additional services, including swimming pools and saunas.

If you prefer a more relaxed adventure in the Troodos then you can visit the National Park. You may still come across snowfall in this area; however, this region in the mountains is much preferred for people wanting to enjoy the nature by walking. There are both long and short walking trails to enjoy, with the shortest being 2 kilometers long and the longest being 9 kilometers. The shortest trail is called ‘A Nightingale’s Trail’ and the 2 longest are known as ‘Atlanta’s Trail’ and ‘Aphrodite’s Trail’, you can find these names on the maps scattered around the park.

Things to do in Winter in Cyprus for Animal Lovers

Cyprus is home to multiple zoos and animal farms that people love to visit throughout the year but, especially during the cooler months. No matter what part of the island you are visiting, you will find someplace to interact with animals.
The first place we are going to discuss is Paphos Zoo. This zoo is home to over 200 species of birds, elephants, giraffes and turtles amongst others. There is also a cacti garden that you can explore as well as a playground for children to enjoy. This zoo is a perfect day trip in winter and will keep you entertained for hours. A zoo is also Nicosia and Limassol if you live in or close to one of these districts.
If you live in Larnaca then you have the option to visit The Golden Donkey Farm. This donkey farm houses dozens of donkeys that visitors can meet. But the adventure doesn’t stop there; you can also walk around the gardens, which are filled with olive trees and purchase donkey milk products that are produced on the farm. During the evenings, The Golden Donkey Farm also hosted musical evenings where many people attend.

Historical Place to Visit in Cyprus

Our final example of things to do in winter in Cyprus is to visit some of the many historical and iconic places in Cyprus. The island is home to some beautiful architecture and ancient settlements that are perfect for exploring when the climate is slightly cooler.
If you want to roam around a castle, then you have plenty of options; there is Limassol Castle, Paphos castle, and Othello castle, just to name a few. These castles also have Medieval museums to wander around as well. So, you can make a day trip out of it. There are also some beautiful monasteries to explore, including the Stavrovouni Monastery. The Stavrovouni Monastery is located near Larnaca and was founded in 327 A.D. by Queen Elena. The monastery is 750 meters above sea level sat on a rocky peak. Although women are not permitted to enter the monastery, they can visit the outskirts. Men who visit must be appropriately dressed but are not permitted to take photographs or videos.

Although the Stavrovouni Monastery may seem slightly challenging to get to, it’s not quite as challenging as the Agioi Saranta Cave Church. The cave church is located in Protaras and is quite possibly one of the most interesting locations for a church. It is tucked away in a cave, as the name suggests, and is very popular among tourists. While there is no official reference to when this church was constructed, it is believed that the word ‘Saranta’ which translates to ‘40’ originated from the 40 stalagmites found on the ceiling of the cave.


As you can see, Cyprus is not just a summer holiday destination. It also has an extensive list of places to explore and enjoy during the winter months. If you are planning a winter getaway, we suggest bringing some warm clothing and a raincoat because you are much more likely to experience periods of rainfall during these months. And, if you are planning on taking a hike in the Troodos mountains, then bring some comfortable footwear with you. Finally, if you are here for an extended period of time then we are certain you will find even more things to do in winter in Cyprus.

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