Things to Do During Autumn in Cyprus

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Autumn in Cyprus

Autumn has started in Cyprus although the weather does not seem to be cooling off just yet. Still, there are many things to you can begin planning and we would suggest starting your adventures between October through until November. This is when we really see the season change and colors change. There is an abundance of things to do in autumn in Cyprus and in this article, we will suggest some of the most popular adventures.

woman enjoying autumn in Cyprus

Kalidonia Waterfall Trail

First on our list of things to do during autumn in Cyprus is the Kalidonia (also spelt Caledonia) Waterfall Trail. Named by the Scots we visited around 1878, this waterfall charms everyone who visits it. The name comes from the ancient word for Scotland, Caledonia and, remined the Scots of the beauty of their homeland.

The trail is 3-kilometers long and starts north of Psilodentro. It then leads you to the waterfall within half an hour. However, if you would rather start on the lower side of the Troodos square you can as both paths follow along the Cold River leading you to the waterfall.

The Kalidonia waterfall is the second largest in Cyprus with a height of 12 meters and is arguably the most well-known on the island. Surrounded by dense pine woods, the trail and waterfall are a great spot for nature and hiking enthusiasts. You will also be able to take some great pictures while trekking through the wooded area.

Things to Do During Autumn in Cyprus: Tzelefos Bridge

Of course, next on our list in the Tzelefos Bridge. Located at an altitude of around 440 meters with the forest of Paphos, this is a must for your autumn explorations. You can easily locate the bridge from Paphos, Troodos or Limassol and each route has beautiful picturesque views that you might even stop to take a few photographs.

The Tzelefos Bridge is the largest medieval stone bridge ever to be built in Cyprus and still stands today. It towers of the Diarizos River, the fourth largest river in Cyprus that starts from the Troodos mountains and flows into the district of Paphos. It was built to serve as the connection between villages such as Milikouri and Agios Ioannis that are located on the west bank and, Agios Nikoloas and Treis Elies, located on the eastern bank.

What people notice about this bridge in the height above the river and its narrowness. It also is considered to be one of the most magical locations of the whole island due to it being built deep within the forest.

Tzelefos Bridge is also close to the Dam of Arminou so, if you are venturing to the bridge make sure to also see the Dam whilst there.

Kakopetria Village

Located on the south-west side of the capital of Cyprus, Nicosia, the village of Kakopetria is one you must visit. Built in the foothill of the Troodos Mountain, it stands at an altitude of 667 meters and is surrounded by fruit-bearing trees such as apple, plum and cherry. It also has places where potatoes and tomatoes are grown as well as vines for wine-making.

Kakopetria village has a number of nature trails to explore. These have been carefully curated by the Forestry Department to adapt to all age groups and are easy to use. All of the trails have signposts to indicate the starting point of the trail as well as posts to explain the geology of the route.

Furthermore, Kakopetria village is home to a very famous watermill. The mill was built by a deacon of Saint Nicholas monastery in 1754 and belonged to the Archbishop, who later decided to sell it. When visiting the mill, you can learn about its basic operation and the history including why the community of Kakopetria used it perfectly for providing water for the village.

Finally, you have the option to visit the Linos Museum. This museum is a building on Old Kakopetria Street and has 3 thematic sections. The first is dedicated to wine, with the second being on bread and the third being on olive oil. During you visit to the Linos Museum you will be able to explore where the donkeys used to eat and where the production of wine would take place years ago.

Pachna Wine Village

Lastly in our article of things to do during autumn in Cyprus we have the discovery of Pachna. This village is located on the northwest side of the district of Limassol. The main occupations of the 865 residents of Pachna is livestock and winegrowing therefore, it is considered the largest winegrowing village in Cyprus.
Although mid-August is when the village hosts its grape festival, autumn is the perfect time to visit Pachna. When exploring the village make sure to visit the famous Wineries that are situated about 500 meters outside of the village.


You may have seen Cyprus as a holiday destination for the summer months or, had little expectation for its autumn season. But, with this list of things to do during autumn in Cyprus you can clearly see the island has so much to offer. Its forest destinations, trails and wineries are perfect to explore when it cools off after the summer months and they will surely keep you busy right up until the winter period in Cyprus.

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