The Most Popular Football Academies in Larnaca

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Football Academies in Larnaca

In this article, we will introduce you to our picks of the most popular football academies in Larnaca so you can choose the best facility for you or your children.

Football is extremely popular in Cyprus, and Larnaca is no different in this regard. The people of Larnaca adore football, not only watching it, but also, playing the game, and seeking professional training. Larnaca is filled with state of the art sports centers that provide athletic training, along with modern sports stadium, training grounds and football academies.

Here, take a look:

Football Academies in Larnaca

Juventus Academy

Juventus Academy’s Cyprus chapter has a state of the art sports facility in Larnaca, and this world-renowned academy truly stands apart with its dynamic footing training and programs. Juventus, a highly acclaimed athletic project, provides the boys and girls of Larnaca access to professional training sessions, alongside a luxurious club experience, and career building opportunities.

The initiatives and events organized by this remarkable football academy are much similar to the initiatives taken by the Italy-based Juventus. It is highly popular amongst youngsters looking to train and eventually play football professionally. The academy only recruits the best from the talent pool of Larnaca, and each individual is harnessed and improved to perform to the best of his/her abilities.


For more info visit the Juventus website

Musits Football Academy

Extremely popular amongst children, the Musits Football Academy is indeed the most appropriate choice if you want to begin athletic training for children below the age of 14. This football academy is a lavish and innovative facility, decked with modern amenities and a highly competent team of acclaimed trainers. Their environment is professional and inclusive, allowing children to harbor a passion for the sport, along with inculcating some vital lessons in discipline and team work.

Their premises is equipped with state of the art facilities to provide children access to modern training techniques. The Musits Football Academy is indeed most popular for its amazing tournaments, where its players get to compete with various other teams of Larnaca and other parts of Cyprus.

Piacere Sports Club

A spacious and modern facility, the Piacere Sports Club is a lavish opportunity to enjoy all your favorite sports and obtain professional athletic training. Ever since it opened its door in Larnaca in 1997, the Piacere Sports Club has been the premier venue that provides quality football training with a spacious ground, along with Futsal training, which is basically an indoor version of football. The facility is famous for its state of the art amenities, training sessions, and it is highly recommended for both, adults and children.

Find the location of Piacere Sports Club here.

Kamares Sports Centre

Situated on the Ektoros Street, the Kamares Sports Center is another highly recommended sports facility for both, young and adult athletes. A gym, fitness center, and stadium, this sports arena provides athletes a spacious and well-kempt ground, well-suited for rigorous training that is sub-par with professional training standards across the world. Kamares is famous for its impressive football tournaments, and it is extremely famous amongst athletes seeking professional training and career advancements.


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