The Cypriot Cuisine: The World of Gastronomic Adventures

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Cyprus is the paradise to feast your taste buds with the Mediterranean diet’s nutritious and rich flavors. Greek gastronomic indulgences heavily influence the Cypriot cuisine, but being so close to Turkey and the Middle East also allows you to rejoice in oriental and Arab cuisines’ aromatic flavors.
The Cypriot cuisine is all about fresh vegetables, nutritious produce, rich and slow-roasted meats, and a wide assortment of light and flavorful dips and sauces.

Cypriot cuisine



This rubbery delicacy is undoubtedly the most popular dish of the Cypriot cuisine, and it is famous across various Middle Eastern and European nations. Halloumi has a subtle salty flavor, and it is a blend of cheese that is created by blending in the milk of goat and sheep. It is grilled, fried, and even served as a cold side or dip with a lamb roast, main courses, and even summertime snacks.


A Meze platter is a perfect dish to make sure you can enjoy a variety of traditional treats, cold delicacies, and hot appetizers. It includes Tahini, a rich paste made with sesame seeds, popular Mediterranean yogurt and cucumber dip, Tzatziki, and Hummus and Haloumi. It also consists of the delicious and flavorful Taramosalata, a rare variety of fish roe served with olive oil, onions, and pureed potatoes.


Another incredibly famous traditional Cypriot cuisine, Kleftiko, is created with a lamb’s legs, and it is a Greek dish that loosely translates as ‘stolen meat. According to the popular legend behind this dish, a group of shepherds once stole a goat, they hid in a hole, and lit a fire on top. The meat was left to cook under the ground, and the taste turned out to be utterly divine. Cyprus’s modern chefs prepare Kleftiko in mud stoves and even baking ovens, and it is served with a splatter of lemon juice and baked potatoes.


Yet another delicious treat for meat lovers, the Souvla is the Cypriot rendition for the Russian shashlik. It can be made with both lamb and pork, and the meat is chopped into large chunks, marinated with salt, and roasted on an open fire for around 90 minutes. The meat has a rich golden color, and it is served with a platter of Halloumi, fried pita bread pieces, and a colorful vegetable salad.


Koupepia is a traditional Cypriot cuisine, popularly served in Cyprus, Greece, and Turkey, and it is lovingly prepared by all the hostesses and grandmothers in Cyprus. It is a flavorful filling of minced meat, tomatoes, onions, rice and an aromatic blend of herbs, which is wrapped in freshly plucked vine leaves. It is served after freezing and commonly accompanies a stuffing made with peppers, tomatoes, onions, courgettes, and most astonishingly, courgette flowers. This delight is known as the gemista.

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