The Best Street Food in Larnaca

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Street Food in Larnaca

Street food is the ultimate culinary experience in every country, city or island, and in the case of Larnaca, it is the best experience to introduce yourself to an exciting blend of different cuisines that influence the diet on the island. Larnaca is brimming with exciting and fulfilling street food offerings, from the splendid Finikoudes Promenade to the Piale Pasha streets. Larnaca welcomes you to explore a thriving street food scene that will introduce you to Cypriot, Greek, Mediterranean and Lebanese, amongst others.

Street Food in Larnaca

San Pedro Street Food in Larnaca

Located at the Spyrou Kyprianou 99, San Pedro’s is undoubtedly Larnaca’s ultimate burger spot. This street food venue is extremely popular amongst locals and travelers, and if you are a burger lover, this is the perfect place to indulge in your guilty pleasure without holding back.

They are famous for their extremely filling and saucy burgers, and you absolutely have to try their burger with Truffle aioli sauce and Creole shoestring fries. San Pedro has certainly raised the bar for other burger joints in Larnaca, and they offer a delightful variety of chicken and beef burgers, alongside a scrumptious menu of tasty appetizers and snacks.

Larnaca’s Peroutsios Kebab House

You will find this splendid Kebab House in Larnaca’s Acropolis Square, and one look at the somewhat dingy outdoor décor might convince you otherwise. But ladies and gentlemen, make no mistake, for this is truly one of the best street food kebab houses on the island.

Their scrumptious and juicy platters of kebabs and grilled meat will have you craving for more, while the citric salads and savory sauces make the experience all the more divine. This kebab house is indeed a hidden gem in Larnaca, and one visit will guarantee that you become a regular consumer of their delicious platters.

Find the menu on their website.

Za'atar Lebanese Bakery at Larnaca

The ultimate connoisseurs of Lebanese street food and delectable treats, the Za’atar Lebanese Bakery also prepares some of the most delicious recipes of the Mediterranean cuisine. If you want a scrumptiously fulfilling meal with full value for your money, this is the perfect spot for you.

The Za’atar Lebanese Bakery is famous for its intensely delicious falafel, which they serve with fresh mint leaves and freshly made tahini sauce. Located opposite the picturesque St. Lazarus Church, you can sit outside and enjoy your meal while admiring the view of the lovely square.

Find out more on their website.

The Potbelly

Tucked away at the Karaoili & Dimitriou 2, The Potbelly is undoubtedly a foodgasmic heaven that will introduce you to an intensely fulfilling and exciting menu. They are incredibly famous for their unusual and out of the ordinary burger recipes, as each burger is loaded with large sized, juicy patties, onion rings, coleslaw, sauces and a plethora of other add-ons for a sizable meal.
Their burgers are highly recommended, and you simply have to try ‘Mrs. Jackson’, ‘Gangsta Paradise’ and ‘Ready or Not’.


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