The Best Real Estate Investment Podcasts of 2020

Real Estate Investment Podcasts

Real estate investment podcasts are possibly the handiest way of gaining information regarding investing in real estate. You are able to listen to them during any point of the day. You do not need to schedule it into your routine like you would a book (However, if you prefer reading, we have an article of top real estate investing books here).

In this article we are going to delve into the best podcasts of 2020 for real estate investment. Whether you are completely new to the world of investment or an experienced investor, we will cover it all.

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    1. The Investing for Beginners Podcast

    Of course, it makes perfect sense to start this article from the very beginning. So, that is why first of our list of real estate investment podcasts is The Investing for Beginners Podcast. Here you will find the answers to questions such as why should I invest? How does investment work? And where do I begin on my investment journey?

    Hosted by self-taught investors Andrew Sather and Dave Ahern, this podcast for beginners discuss all the questions above in simple to understand details. Sather and Ahern talk you through all the typical investment jargon and teach the basic principles you need to know. There are well over 100 episodes in the series including ‘How to Read Annual Reports ’and regular Q&A’s with experts in the field of investment.

    If you are an expert in investing you may think this podcast is not for you. However, with expert interviews it is always good to catch up on what is happening around the world. Especially, as this is an easy listen.

    2. Rental Rookie

    Next on our list is the Rental Rookie podcast. Created and hosted by former English teacher, Emily Du Plessis, Rental Rookie is another great starting point if you are considering rental property investing. Du Plessis uses her platform to teach new investors as well as create a community of support. This community means that no question is not worth asking and listeners do not feel uneducated or insecure.

    Furthermore, this is a highly recommended podcast for female investors or couples who want to build an investment business together.

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    3. Think Realty Radio

    This podcast is all about educating and coaching real estate investors from all backgrounds and experience levels. The Think Realty Radio podcast gives honest insight from its host Abhi Golhar and weekly guests. There is no stone left unturned in this show as it covers everything from interior design to financing. Hench why it is ideal for new comers as well as the most experienced investors.

    Golhar also incorporates real life experience along with everyday managerial and operational functions to help your business grow and succeed. Each episode has an up-beat and positive vibe which will make you keen to learn more.

    4. Apartment Investing Podcast

    If you have gone through this list wishing there was a specific podcast related to apartment investing then this is the one for you. Michael Blank, the host of the Apartment Investing Podcast, shares his knowledge and insights on multifamily investing, syndicating deals and so much more. With great knowledge and vast experience, Blank explains how to find hidden value and gives in-depth advice on financial challenges.

    Blank often interviews experts that provide a wealth of real-world knowledge, stories and solutions. These experts and the host will always emphasis on the financial freedom apartment building investment can bring if done correctly. This podcast is a great source for information as well as an inspiring listen.

    5. Bigger Pockets

    When it comes to real estate investment podcasts, Bigger Pockets is arguably one of the most well-known and diverse shows. Hosted by Brandon Turner and David Greene, the Bigger Pockets podcast provides interviews with a great variety of people in the real estate investment market. It covers everything from strategies and niches to real life experiences and how to overcome challenges in the market.

    The reason for this particular podcast being so popular is the diverse range of investors that are interviewed. They range from waiters to stay-at-home mums and full-time investors, making it accessible for everyone. There is also a great sense of motivation to delve further into the world of real estate investment which hooks every listener, whether they are beginners or experts.

    6. The Real Estate Guys Radio Show

    Last on our list of real estate investment podcasts is The Real Estate Guys Radio. This show has been around since 1997 and therefore is the veteran of the group. Hosted by Robert Helms, a professional investor and Russell Gray, a financial strategist, this show is full of high-level expertise.

    This is by far the best podcast to go to for information regarding the context of market movements and conditions as well as macro-economic events and trends in the real estate investment business. Every episode will leave you feel informed and educated therefore, it is well worth tuning into.

    Real Estate Investment Podcasts Conclusion

    Real estate investment podcasts can really give you a sense of what the market and business is like. Each podcast we have recommended have their own way of teaching but you are bound to get something from each of them. Some of the suggestions such as Michael Blank’s Apartment Investing Podcast is very specific however, there are more generalized ones such as Bigger Pockets if you want a vast overview. Finally, as we said in the introduction, if podcasts are not for you then check out our blog post on must-read investments books.

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