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Campsites in Cyprus

Now that the weather is cooling off it is the perfect time to visit some of the campsites in Cyprus. Although camping is not that popular among tourist, we would definitely recommend it. There are many picturesque locations that are ideal for camping. You have the choice of a weekend away by the sea or if you prefer camping in the mountains then you also have that option. Many sites offer good facilities such as barbecue areas, beaches, tables and washrooms.

There are over 40 picnic and 5 camping sites in the state forests in government-controlled areas of Cyprus and The Forestry Department of Cyprus are continuously improving sites to entice more people to start camping.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the best camping sites in Cyprus.

man camping at sunrise in Cyprus

Polis Chrysochous Campsite

First on our list of campsites in Cyprus is the Polis Chrysochous Campsite. It is located in the district of Paphos, 1km northwest of Polis Chrysochous. It is near the Akamas Peninsula and the Bath of Aphrodite so, if you decide to go for a weekend away camping, you are perfectly located to explore some of the most popular wonders of Cyprus.

The site is an open stretch of pebble and sand beach that is considered quite remote in comparison to some other campsite on the island. You are able to drive right into the site, meaning you do not need to trek with your camping gear.

The maximum capacity of Polis Chrysochous Campsite is 200 tents and caravans with a maximum of 700 people. Although it might sound as if it will get crowded, you will most definitely be able to find a peaceful and quiet spot if you prefer. There is also benches, water facilities and barbecue areas at the campsite so, you will have everything you need.

Prices for the site vary depending on the season.

The Akamas Peninsula

Although this area is a non-organized campsite, the Akamas Peninsula is probably the most popular and well-known area for camping among locals. Located at the most northwestern tip of Cyprus, the Akamas National Park contains valleys, gorges and sandy bays. The 230 square km of land is home to 168 different birds, 20 different reptiles and 12 different species of mammals. The area is even included in the Protection Programme by The European Council.

As this location is not one of the official campsites in Cyprus it does not have a designated area for barbecues, picnics or other facilities. However, the Smigies Picnic Site is close. This picnic site is located on the Polis Chrysochous-Neo Chorio-Akamas road, approximately 7km from Polis Chrysochous (mentioned above) and 2km from Neo Chorio. Its capacity is around 500 people so there is plenty of space to enjoy a picnic.

camping with backpack

Troodos Campsite

The Troodos Campsite is the largest mountainside camping area in Cyprus. Located just 1km from Troodos Square, this campsite can be found deep within the pine forest. As an organized campsite facility, you will shower and toilet facilities as well as a restaurant close by the entrance. This site is easily accessible as it has asphalt roads (unlike some camping sites in Cyprus).
As this area is found in the mountains of Cyprus, you need to make sure you take warm clothing for the nights as the temperate can drop quite significantly. Don’t worry, there is also space to light fires and barbeque which will keep you warm.

The daily fee is €5 per tent per night and the campsite is open from 15 June until 15 September.

Governor’s Beach Kalymnos Campsite

It is more than likely that you have heard of Governor’s Beach. It is located 12 miles east of Limassol and is very popular among locals and tourists. It is also the ideal spot of camping if you prefer to be closer to the beach than the forests. Governor’s Beach Kalymnos has a capacity of more than 300 tents or caravans and is open all year round. This means if you fancy camping now, you can do!
This campsite is also fully equipped with toilets, showers and even a coin-operated laundry machine, in case you plan of staying for more than just a weekend. There is also restaurants and bars close by.

Just so you know, Governor’s Beach Kalymnos Campsite does not offer much shade due to it being located on the beach. Therefore, we recommend visiting this site before May or after September.

Cape Greko National Forest Park

Our last recommendation of campsites in Cyprus is Cape Greko National Forest Park. This area is not an official campsite however, it is a very popular spot among locals. Located close to Ayia Napa (7km), Cape Greko has everything you need for an adventurous camping trip. There are sea caves to explore, an environmental center, beaches close by and much more. The area is lined with pine trees and botanical wonders, making it ideal for nature lovers.

The area also has picnic and barbeque areas so, you have facilities where you can cook, relax and socialize. As this is a highly untouched area of the island you will find many wildlife species including hares, foxes and a variety of birds.


Cyprus has the climate for camping almost all year round with Autumn and Spring definitely being the best months for it. The locations of campsites in Cyprus really varies which allows you to pick between picturesque beach campsites or areas where you pitch your tent up between pine trees. All the official campsites offer excellent facilities such with barbecue and picnic areas, as well as washrooms. Campsites that we mentioned above that are not official camping locations still have picnic areas as these are very common in Cyprus.

Whether you reside in Cyprus or only on vacation, we highly recommend camping as a way to experience what the island has to offer.


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