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What is Smart Home Technology?

Smart home technology in Cyprus is a way of connecting all your devices to the internet. Over the past decade, we have been used to having computers and smartphones that do this but, now it is possible to connect literally everything! This includes your speakers, lights, windows, heaters, and so much more. Smart home technology and the devices you install can send you information and follow instructions, helping you live a more convenient life. All this is possible whether you are at the office or halfway across the world on vacation. So, let’s look at how home automation is taking 2021 by storm.

smart home technology in Cyprus

Smart Home Technology in Cyprus: Temperature Control

We’ve all been there, walking through the front door to a freezing room or sitting in your car with the heating on, preparing yourself to embrace a cold house. Well, you don’t have to deal with this inconvenience any longer. Many tech companies have created smart thermostats that can be controlled from your smartphone and by voice control. These thermostats let you control your heating and cooling systems, set temperature schedules and preferences as well as monitor your energy consumption. You can do this all through simple to use apps that companies have created. Furthermore, there are even electronic room air conditioner units on the market now, and these Wi-Fi controlled units can be coordinated through your phone or by voice. Although you might think that smart temperature technology will cost a lot, the devices allow you to monitor your energy consumption, which will help you save money in the long run.

Smart Lighting for Your Home

With smart home lighting, you can now match your lighting to the atmosphere. You can also control brightness, color, and on/off switches without moving or even being home. But, why would you need to manage your lighting when you are not home? Well, it’s a great safety feature when you are on vacation. Vacation mode will allow your home to look occupied with the lights on when you aren’t home. Smart home technology lightbulbs can be very affordable, especially when you consider what they do. Most of these lighting features are voice-controlled and have built-in Wi-Fi that allows you to apply scheduling options and interact with other smart home devices. As we mentioned, you can match your lighting to the atmosphere, and with your lighting interacting with other devices, it allows you to have the perfect lighting for a cozy movie night. The user-friendly apps that have been developed for smart lightbulb can also help you dim the lights from the comfort of your bed and switch the lights on when you need to wake up in the morning.

Smart Cleaning Technology

Most of us despise the day of the week when we need to clean the entire house but, it can be made so much more comfortable with smart cleaning technology. It may sound futuristic but, you can now purchase cleaning devices that do the work for you! These smart cleaning devices include vacuums that clean various types of flooring around the house while navigating around household furniture. They can also be controlled via an app or voice control. Now, you may be thinking, ‘but what about tiled flooring?’ because, after all, most homes in Cyprus have tiled floors. That is why we are including the robot mop on our list of smart home technology in Cyprus devices. These smart tech mops help you clean the hard-to-reach spots around the house, including under sinks and around toilets. They also have options depending on what cleaning method is needed, such as wet mopping, dry sweeping, and damp sweeping.
Smart cleaning technology doesn’t stop there. You can now buy open-air automatic self-cleaning litter boxes and self-cleaning dog potties for your pets. The litter boxes available on the market automatically separate the clean litter from the dirty litter by dropping the waste into a carbon-filtered drawer. The self-cleaning dog potty has an adjustable timer and sensors that automatically change a highly absorbent pad. So, the days of having to clean up after your pets are gone!

Smart Home Technology in Cyprus: Security Systems

Of course, we have to mention security systems for smart home technology in Cyprus. Smart security systems now have features like infrared detectors, window sensors, HD recordings, and automatic sirens, which can all be controlled via your smartphone and an app. All this allows you to live in a much safer environment and grants you peace of mind, whether you are at home or away.
Many security systems focus on bringing security to your outdoor environment with video cameras that record in 4Kor Ultra High Definition (UHD). These high-tech cameras include automatic zooming technology, color night vision, and motion tracking. This enables you to have a clear picture of what is going on outside of your home. Most of these outdoor security cameras incorporate voice and app control so you can see and adjust what is happening 24/7.
Security systems can also be installed inside your home. There are platform packages available that include cameras, doorbells, sensors and even smart locks that can be controlled through wall-mounted touchscreens and smartphone apps. By installing smart lock technology, you will be able to monitor who is entering your home, set special privilege to friends or family members, and some of the models even let you open and close your door via your smartphone.


Smart home technology in Cyprus is set to really come into fruition during 2021. The ability to connect all your devices to your smartphone, monitor your home’s safety and have the technology to help you clean really can improve the quality of your life. The convenience brought on by smart home technology is something that we all want, and it is becoming more and more affordable. So, now is definitely the time to look into it.

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