Real Estate Projects in Larnaca

Real Estate Projects in Larnaca

Cyprus is known for its foreign investment environment and has seen real estate projects become a trend for the island in recent years. New figures show that 395 permits were granted for construction on 696 new homes in January 2020, an increase of 2.9% when compared to January 2019, a positive start for the year! Additionally, with the latest agreement to redevelop the Larnaca Port and Marina along with Larnaca’s Metropolis Mall set to be operational by Christmas 2020, it is no wonder that Larnaca is becoming a hub for real estate projects.


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Gaia Project

As mentioned, the redevelopment of Larnaca’s port and marina has truly sparked interest for investors; more and more people are attracted by the thought of purchasing a property near the marina as it provides an effortlessly relaxed and elite lifestyle. This is why we want to introduce you to our new real estate project in Larnaca, the Gaia project…

Gaia is situated just one minute away from Finikoudes with views of the marina; we chose this location in order to flawlessly combine the soothing element of the sea and the sense of adventure found in the streets across Larnaca. This location of our real estate project really merges beach-side and inner-city together in order to have every aspect of the city accessible.

As we are client orientated, we use our one-on-one discussions with clients to create a complete plan and deliver attractive results. Together we really focus on questions such as, what will the residents want to do here? What type of facilities will be suited for the residents? What atmosphere will they expect?

That’s why this real estate project in Larnaca, that has been designed by internationally acclaimed architects, has such a particular sense of style and sophistication. We wanted to merge the inner-city, beach-side elegance together by creating apartments with spacious balconies that allow residents to enjoy the Mediterranean sun without leaving the comfort of their own home. Each apartment allows a natural flow of light in order to accentuate the large living areas and bedrooms as well as emphasizing the classic finishes of the surfaces.

With such an iconic location we knew that material details were extremely important. To start, the Gaia structure is made of reinforced concrete (in accordance with the building permit), has three coats of both external rendering and internal plastering and thermal double-gazed glass with thermal sliding, just to name a few. As with any good development, there are options to make internal alterations so we welcome discussions concerning adjustments.


Kitiou Project

Although our Gaia project is unparalleled, we understand that our clients have different specification and to demonstrate this let us introduce you to another one of our real estate projects in Larnaca.

Centrally located real estate projects with elegance and security are hard to come by but we have created that with our Kitiou residence. The development is situated in the quiet streets of central Larnaca, just minutes away from the sea front of Finikoudes, it is ideal for young professionals and families. The nightlife of the city is not far, and neither is the sizable selection of restaurants making it exceptionally well located.

The three- and four-bedroom apartments are designed to be contemporary, spacious and flooded with natural light from the large windows and balcony doors; this natural light allows the sleek interior to glow. We focused on keeping the apartments stylish yet convenient for young families, with practical features and durable fittings as well as having comfortably sized balconies and well-thought-out spaces idyllic for young couples. There were no compromises with colors or textures in this real estate project, chic marble tones run through these apartments with hints of contemporary light wood.

As mentioned above, there are always a series of questions we have in mind when considering the designs of our projects and our Kitiou development was no different including the details of the materials we chose to use. Same as our Gaia development, the Kitiou real estate project has a structure of reinforced concrete and power supply points and switches are approved by the Cyprus Electricity Authority. The stylish interior, including the doors, are made from timber with melamine finishes, perfectly illustrating the quality construction behind our Kitiou project.

This gated community allows residents to feel secure in a stylish yet private environment and gives ultimate control over personal living, the way that everyone aspires to live.

Final words

Real estate projects in Larnaca are increasing at a constant rate and interest from investors is rising. With the figures presented at the start of this article and considering the redevelopment of the marina and a new mall set to be completed, it seems reasonable to believe that Larnaca is becoming a hub for not only business but elegant coastal real estate projects. The two projects we have spoken about in this article are just that, sophisticated coastal developments; we identify the demand for investment properties and continue to create quality projects with innovation to provide every client with a dynamic portfolio that includes strong growth returns and positive cash-flow income.

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