Real Estate Investment in Cyprus

International investors interested in real estate investments in Cyprus. We can be your point of contact to the Cyprus real estate market.

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Real Estate Investment in Cyprus

Steps to Get Started with Real Estate Investment in Cyprus

1. Define Purpose and Eligibility

Decide whether your real estate investment in Cyprus will focus on properties or development projects and confirm your eligibility.

Step 1

2. Market Research and Budgeting

Conduct market research to find promising opportunities for real estate investment in Cyprus and set a clear budget.

Step 2

3. Visit and Assess Opportunities

Travel to Cyprus to assess firsthand the properties or development projects for your investment.

Step 3

4. Legal and Regulatory Check

Ensure comprehensive legal and regulatory due diligence for your real estate investment in Cyprus.

Step 4

5. Complete Transaction and Initiate

Finalize your investment and begin the development or finish property acquisition process.

Step 5

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Previous Projects Developed by as Real Estate Investment in Cyprus

GAIA Project

Total investment value: €3,500,000
Total turnover: €8,000,000 - Duration: 3 Years

NOX Residences

Total investment value: €2,000,000
Total turnover: €4,000,000 - Duration: 3 Years



Total investment value: €1,000,000
Total turnover: €2,000,000 - Duration: 3 Years

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About Us

Sunshadow Prontonem Investments Ltd

Managed and guided by a team of construction and property investment professionals, we have the capacity and capability to create investment opportunities through an ever growing portfolio of properties on the island of Cyprus.

With our intuitive understanding real estate investment in Cyprus, we have the skills needed to identify potential capital growth or buy-to-rent single properties and residential developments. Key members of our management team have over 35 years’ experience of local trends, giving us a uniquely ‘at home’ approach that our clients can benefit from.

Importantly, we also have in-depth knowledge and understanding of the Cyprus Government policy and criteria for residency and citizenship through property ownership. This gives us a distinct advantage when guiding our many non-EU clients through the bureaucratic maze of rules and regulations.

Why Partner & Invest with Us

Years of Experience in Property Development

With years of experience in property development investment, marketing, renovating, property management and residential sales, we are a company that is committed to each client’s best interests.

Strategic Locations for Investment and Lifestyle

When choosing locations to build, we carefully select areas with highest potential in market growth, close proximity to the essential amenities, and with the most pleasant view and atmosphere.

Aesthetic Designs Infused with Build Quality

Attractive developments which are both economically viable and aesthetically pleasing. Developments which are consistently innovative and environmentally responsible in their design, construction and sustainability. Management and construction in line with European industry standards and quality assurance principles.

All Real Estate Services Under One Umbrella

Sunshadow is an independently owned and operated property development company that focuses on investment and residential sales, together with all associated property management services under one umbrella.

Truly Liveable and Enjoyable Residences

The 2 and 3 bedroom apartments have been carefully designed to maximise the available space. They are both inspired and sensible. They offer open, spacious living areas with full height and full width thermal glazed windows, expansive balconies, extensive storage in the bedrooms and kitchen and quality floor ceramics in all areas.

After-Sale Services to Add Value to Your Property

We can offer after-sales services such as interior design and styling, landscaping, and a property management and letting agency to add value to your property as a home or an investment, ensuring maximum asset-value potential.

Personalized Services for all Clients

Every Sunshadow client will receive a very personal service, which can be adapted to meet any financial criteria or individual preference.

Best Available Finance Rates for Property Purchases

We also work closely with key finance and mortgage brokering companies to offer the best available finance rates for property purchases.

Frequently Asked Questions

Initially the buyer reserves his chosen property by signing a Reservation Agreement and paying a reservation fee, in order to remove the property from the market. Then the buyer signs a Sales Agreement noting all particulars of the property transaction, and the contract can be registered by the Lands Registry Office to secure ownership for the buyer. Stage payments then follow as per the Sales Agreement until the delivery date of the property.

Our property payment terms apply to all our developments and depend on the work executed and value provided. The payment terms are shown below as a percentage of the purchase price:

  • Reservation Agreement signature: 5%
  • Sales Agreement signature: 25%
  • Foundation completion: 10%
  • Skeleton completion: 10%
  • Brickwork completion: 10%
  • Plastering completion: 15%
  • Tiling completion: 15%
  • Delivery and handover: 10%

Payments can be made via bank account transfer or Cyprus banker’s draft. Cash, Cyprus cheques and visa payments can also be accepted but only for the purposes of paying the reservation fee.

All our properties can be customized internally according to the requirements, tastes and preferences of our clients, always depending on the stage of construction.

VAT is an acronym for Value Added Tax, known in some countries as goods and services tax (GST), and is payable to the Tax Department of Cyprus. It is levied on the price of the property, and is payable upon the payment of each instalment at the percentage applicable at the time of payment. Currently, VAT on properties in Cyprus is 19%. However, a first time buyer in Cyprus can apply for the reduced rate of 5% on purchasing a property as long as the dwelling is used as the principal and permanent residence of the applicant.

To obtain an immigration permit in Cyprus as an investor, you can apply for the Permanent Residency program by investing at least €300,000 in new real estate property. This investment must be in residential real estate and the funds must originate from abroad. Once the investment and application are approved, the residency permit is typically issued within two months. This permit also covers the investor’s spouse, dependent children up to age 25, and the parents of both spouses.

Also see Cyprus Government Immigration Permit for Investors