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Real Estate Development in Larnaca

Real estate development in Larnaca have grown enormously over the past years. The interest from foreign investors for both residential and commercial property has seen a real positive impact on the economy. The start of 2020 saw a 2.9% increase compared to the previous year in regards to permits granted for construction of homes. Furthermore, we have seen the agreement for the redevelopment of the Larnaca Port and Marina as well as being set to see Larnaca’s Metropolis Mall in operation by Christmas 2020.
Larnaca is set to become a hub for real estate investors and see more and more people become interested in the city. With this being said let’s introduce you to our latest project NOX and why its location really makes it stand out.

view from NOX real estate development

Why Choose Larnaca

As mentioned in the introduction, real estate development in Larnaca is growing and the city has seen a surge in opportunity for many types of people. It does not matter your circumstances of why you want to purchase as the city offers something for everyone.

For example, investors have been drawn to Larnaca and Cyprus in general for a number of reasons. Firstly, the tax system and starting cost for business registration are known for being some of the lowest in Europe. Secondly, there are many well-regulated industries to invest in such as the shipping sector and real estate sector. Also, non-EU investors can find many advantages due Cyprus being an EU state member and having a passport scheme in place.
The islands main airport resides in Larnaca making it easy for investors and entrepreneurs to travel throughout the year. The city is also home to a port so the shipping industry thrives here.

If you are not an investor but rather you are looking to relocate then Larnaca and specifically NOX might be ideal for your family and yourself. This is because of its central location. Our development is just minutes away from beaches, reputable private schools and the center of Larnaca.
There are 3 private schools in the Larnaca district, all of which welcome foreign students as well as locals. PASCAL, Med High School and The American Academy all teach in English and are known for their students going on to study in some of the most renowned universities worldwide.

It does not matter whether you are looking at real estate in Larnaca for business or personal purposes, at some point you will want to relax and enjoy the city. Luckily, NOX overlooks the city’s port and marina as well as being within walking distance to Finikoudes beach. Finikoudes is well-known for its beautiful stretch of beach and crystal-clear waters as well as its vibrant restaurants and bars. The area is very diverse so suitable for international business men and women, family vacations or permanent residents.

Our Project: NOX

NOX, our latest real estate development project in Larnaca, is a mid-rise apartment building designed to resonate the contemporary atmosphere of Larnaca. As mentioned above, this project is strategically positioned to overlook the new port and marina as well as being minutes away from Larnaca’s waterfront where there you can kind various restaurants, bars and shops. The aesthetic design of both the exterior and exterior of NOX have been created with comfort, space, storage and tranquility in mind, all whilst providing stunning panoramic views of the waterfront.

Two-Bedroom Apartments

The two-bedroom apartment units are designed to provide open space living areas with a layout that specifically delivers privacy to each bedroom. Both the living area and kitchen are set with south facing panoramic windows that enable a sense of peace as well as accentuate how spacious the apartment is. The two-bedroom, 2-bathroom apartment also has ample storage space, allowing the home to look uncluttered and again, open and spacious. The veranda area of these units covers between 24m2 – 27m2 depending on which apartment you invest in. Internal area in these 2-bedroom apartments is equal, at 75m2.
There is also scope to personalize the interior including choosing your own furniture and color schemes.

Three-bedroom Apartments

The three-bedroom, three-bathroom apartment is especially attractive with a private veranda and full height, full width windows that allow you to gaze out on the port and marina. The large bedrooms and bathrooms are designed and placed in specific areas of the unit to allow for maximum privacy whilst keeping the kitchen and living areas open and spacious. The views of Larnaca’s waterfront landscape are truly spectacular and this apartment has been especially designed with no limit to luxury. Again, like the 2-bedroom units, the interior to this unit can be personalized with your own choice of furniture and color schemes.
The internal area of the NOX 3-bedroom apartment is 109m2 with 22m2 of covered veranda and 9m2 of uncovered veranda.

bedroom of NOX real estate development

Real Estate Development in Larnaca: Conclusion to NOX

Both the 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom apartments in NOX offer luxury, privacy and space. They have been designed with all this in mind as well as being located in a newly developed area of Larnaca that has drawn a lot of attention due to its wealthy investment opportunities and status. The blue flag beaches of Larnaca where our development is located make it ideal if you are looking for a vacation home. The access to affluent private schools creates ease of mind if you are relocating your family to Larnaca and the vibrant life of the city is suited for everyone.

If you want more information regarding NOX please contact us.

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