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Neighborhoods in Larnaca

There are many neighborhoods in Larnaca, each offering something different. With 6 municipalities and 53 communities in Cyprus’ third largest city there is a neighborhood guaranteed to suit you.
The 6 municipalities in Larnaca are Aradippou, Athienou, Dromolaxia-Meneou, Larnaca, Livadia and Lefkara. Each are known for something unique, whether that is the culture, a particular cuisine or famous landmark.
In this article we are going to explore some of the most popular neighborhoods in Larnaca including Aradippou, Pervolia and Livadia. We will also explore some up and coming areas such as Larnaca’s New Marina.

road in Larnaca


The first neighborhood in Larnaca we are going to explore is Aradippou. The town of Aradippou is one of the largest neighborhoods in Larnaca with over 20,000 residents and is well known for its strategic location. This town, which received its township in 1986, is easily accessible from the Larnaca-Nicosia highway. This makes it the ideal location if your work place is based in Nicosia but you want to reside in Larnaca. It is also a short distance to Larnaca International Airport, meaning if you are a frequent traveler, it may be a good location for you to live in. Aradippou is also suited for families who wish to send their children to a private English school as PASCAL is located in this area.

This neighborhood is known for its numerous churches and chapels, including one of the oldest churches in the area, Apostle Loucas Church. The municipality of Aradippou take pride in their famed churches and constantly look to renovate where necessary. The municipality also look to regularly improve their recycling system and environment. On their website you can find their statement on the environment which states the following:

1. Improve the recycling system, through incentives to local businesses and promotion of information for all citizens, especially children.

2. Upgrade of existing municipal parks and green areas. Upgrade children’s playgrounds and replacement of old games with new, according to the European models of safety.

As you can see, Aradippou is a very family orientated community and would suit young families. The area also has numerous facilities and amenities including some of the best equipped gyms in Larnaca, popular tavernas and educational facilities.

Finally, you will be able to find multiple types of property here. The town offers everything from small luxury apartments to large family houses of 3+ bedrooms and villas.

neighborhoods in Larnaca

Neighborhoods in Larnaca: Pervolia

Next, we are going to explore the community of Pervolia. This coastal village, situated 16km from Larnaca town center is occupied by just 3,000 people. Although Pervolia is one of the smaller villages in Cyprus it sees up to 5,000 visitors each day during the height of the summer season due to its beaches.
This peaceful location is ideal for holiday homes or permanent residences if you prefer peace and quiet. The natural environment and scenery of Pervolia is one major reason why local as well as foreign residents choose to invest in property in this particular area. As we mentioned, the beaches are stunning but Pervolia also offers beautiful plantations that grow okras, artichokes as well as melons and watermelons. There is also rare flora to be found in the area.

Much like other neighborhoods in Larnaca, Pervolia has a range of property types but is arguably most renowned for its luxury villas with sea views. Of course, there are still beautiful apartments and traditional houses in the area. However, this is definitely the area to explore if you want a beautiful villa with views of the surrounding nature and sea.


Livadia has a very interesting history regarding the craft of basketry and is even included in the UNESCO Intangible World Heritage List. The municipality of Livadia is located on the north side of Larnaca, bordering the village of Oroklini. Again, much like Pervolia, it has a small population of 7,205 residents. This makes it an ideal location to invest in property if you prefer a small community.
This neighborhood has an extensive range of facilities including popular supermarkets, kindergartens and a high school. The educational facilities in the area are very popular with locals and due to this, Livadia is very family orientated.
The properties in Livadia range from family houses to large luxury villas and the prices range depending on the type of property you want to invest in.

Larnaca Center and The New Marina

Finally, the last areas we are going to discuss is the center of Larnaca along with the new marina. These are definitely the most up and coming areas within the city of Larnaca and the ones to watch.
These areas are located next to one another and have seen a large amount of redevelopment with more planned in the coming years. In fact, these developments are set to create over 4,000 jobs and positively impact the infrastructure of Larnaca. Furthermore, the start of 2020 saw a 2.9% increase in permits granted for construction indicating Larnaca has much more to come in terms of real estate projects.
The center of Larnaca and new marina have all the necessary facilities and amenities nearby. This includes numerous bars, restaurants and shops as well as the famous Finikoudes beach being located right next to everything. These neighborhoods in Larnaca are definitely suited to people who prefer to be in the midst of everything and have everything they need in close proximity. However, this area does not mean you lack views. With Larnaca being a coastal city, the views of the sea are accessible in most area; the center and the marina having some of the best.
Lastly, the center of Larnaca and the new marina have a variety of property types available but, the most popular by far are the luxury apartments.


There are many more neighborhoods in Larnaca that offer spectacular views, welcoming communities and much more. The ones we have mentioned in this post are some of the most popular and are seeing positive transformation due to investment.
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