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Nature Trails in Larnaca

Nature trails in Larnaca are a popular activity, especially during the cooler months. The district is packed with exciting adventures for you to enjoy. Whether you want to explore forests outside of the city or see migratory birds close to the center, Larnaca can offer all of this.

Man Exploring Nature Trail in Larnaca

Nature Trails in Larnaca: Stavrovouni

First on our list is the Stavrovouni Forest. It is situated 14 kilometers northwest of Larnaca and approximately 24 kilometers south of the capital, Nicosia. It is under the jurisdiction of the Nicosia, Larnaca, and Ammochotos forest departments. This area is filled with geology and forest vegetation wonders. The Stavrovouni Forest is a particular scientific interest in Cyprus, with venous rocks covering the largest part of the forest and volcanic rocks covering the southwest area.
This trail is filled with sites to see, including the Stavrovouni Monastery and Forest Benchmark. The Forest Benchmark is located on the Monastery’s east side and overlooks the west side of the Larnaca district. It covers an average of 1.5 kilometers and takes around 40 minutes to walk. This trail is popular due to its picturesque views of the forest, filled with flourishing greenery in the spring and beautiful autumn colors between October through to December. As this location is far from the busy city center of Larnaca, it is a friendly site that allows you to listen to the quiet and peaceful nature that Cyprus has to offer. If you are an avid bird watcher, then this area of Cyprus is perfect for watching and listening to an array of birds. The most essential birds on this nature trail in Larnaca are the protected Aquila Fasciata and the Cypriot Sylvia Melanothorax. There are also some more common birds, such as the Columba Palumbas and the Alectoris Chukar.

There are multiple parking lots along this trail; therefore, it is easy to find a spot to start your walk from without worry of overcrowding parking lots. While you are in this area, we suggest driving to the top of the Stavrovouni area to visit the Monastery. The Stavrovouni Monastery is situated on the highest point of the mountain so, you get the most stunning views across the Larnaca district. The Monastery is open all year round; however, only men are permitted inside, and strict rules mean you are unable to take any photographs or videos.

Nature Trails in Larnaca Center

If you prefer staying closer to the center, then there is an abundance of nature trails in Larnaca close by. To start with, you can visit the Larnaca Salt Lake Nature Trails. This 4-kilometer trail is located west of the city center with two main starting points; the Kamares Aqueduct or the Salt Collection Plateau. The Kamares Aqueduct is a 18th century aqueduct that consists of more than 20 arches that are still intact. At night the monument is illuminated, and you can enjoy the site by perching on one of the beaches along the cobbled footpath that leads to Larnaca Salt Lake.
Larnaca Salt Lake is the second largest Salt Lake in Cyprus, measuring 2.2 square kilometers. In 1997 the Salt Lake was declared a protected area under Cypriot Law for the Protection and Management of Nature and Wildlife as well as under the European Habitats Directive. The reasoning for such protection is partly due to the lake filling with migratory birds during the winter months. Between November to March thousands of flamingo’s flock to the Salt Lake to take refuge. Larnaca Salt Lake is under protection because of its archaeological finds that show the area has been inhabited since the Late Bronze Age. So, if you are looking for a nature trail that provides elements of nature and history, we suggest exploring this area.

As Larnaca is a coastal district, there is also the opportunity to discover nature trails in Larnaca along the beach. The Voroklini Beach Trail is highly popular throughout the year. This trail takes you along the coastal front of the district and is several kilometers long. Part of the trail has a permanent walking structure that combines stone, wood and a pier. The other parts of the Voroklini Beach Trail take you along the sandy coast between Voroklini and Pyla. Here you can enjoy picturesque sunrises and sunsets as well as stop off in one of the beach bars for refreshments. If you decide to take a walk here during the summer months, we suggest going out early in morning or during the evening as the heat can be intense.

Finally, if you are looking for a trail that shows more of the architecture and history of Larnaca rather than nature then we suggest visiting the Traditional Quarters of Larnaca. The Traditional Quarters of Larnaca includes Agios Lazaros Church as well as the old market places and the Pierides Museum that has an abundance of archaeological artifacts on display.


Larnaca is filled with charming nature trails to explore. You have many choices depending on whether you want to venture out of the city or want to explore the city center. There is the opportunity to see migratory birds at Larnaca Salt Lake, a beautiful monastery outside of the city center, and many forests that a full to the brim with relaxing walks.

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