Moving To Cyprus: Things To Consider Before Relocating

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Moving To Cyprus

Moving to Cyprus and obtaining citizenship from Cyprus is a flexible process, and the rules and regulations depend on your existing citizenship and the country you are relocating from.
If you have a citizenship from a European Union country, the EEA zone or Switzerland, the immigration process is much simpler as compared to other nationalities.

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Citizens belonging to member states of the EU or the EEA can freely relocate to Cyprus as the island is a full member of the European Union. If you are a citizen of a country in the European Union or the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland, you will have the same rights as the citizens of Cyprus. These rights include economic freedom to operate businesses, create start-ups and access job opportunities.
European Union nationals moving to Cyprus need to obtain a Registration Certificate in order to live in Cyprus for more than three months. This certificate is largely known as a yellow slip, and in order to obtain one, you must submit the application at least four months prior to your arrival in Cyprus. The same process will apply if you are relocating to Cyprus from the United Kingdom.


If you are not a citizen of the European Union or European Economic Area, and Switzerland, your application will be subjected to strict rules and regulations. Non-EU citizens who want to permanently relocate to Cyprus can benefit from the Cypriot government’s Scheme for Neutralization of Investors in Cyprus.


As is the case with every country on the face of the Earth, living in Cyprus comes with a wide range of benefits and drawbacks, which tend to vary based on personal preferences and cultural orientations. Ultimately, it all depends on your own perspective and dreams of life quality, and the plans that you have for your future, career, family etc.
Many of the benefits and drawbacks of living in Cyprus might be unknown to you until you arrive and actually start living on the island, and after a year, you will realize what you love and hate about the island.
In general, Cyprus offers great life quality with its sunny beaches, tropical climate, low crime rates and impressive economic opportunities. Cyprus is widely considered one of the most popular and favorable country for expats and retirees by allowing multiple tax exemptions, favorable financial regulations, and a wide range of other compelling benefits.
The island has immense cultural and historical value, rich cuisines and tasteful wines, along with a diverse set of economic opportunities that attract citizens from across the world.

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