Language Schools in Larnaca

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Language Schools in Larnaca

Cyprus is a multi-cultural and multi-lingual island. Many locals and residents can speak at least 2 languages, the most popular being Greek, English and Russian. However, some people, especially new-comers to the island, need lessons to help them improve. This is why language schools in Larnaca are so popular and sought after. Many of the schools offer various language courses that are suitable for all fluency levels and ages. It does not matter if you are a student, business professional or local; schools offer whatever you may need.

In this article we will guide you to some of the best language schools in Larnaca. We will tell you what courses and languages they offer as well as where to find them.

teaching foreign language in larnaca


The first language school in Larnaca we are going to look at is Learn4Good. This is a well-known and well-established Modern Greek language school in the area that is always highly recommended. It has been in operation since 2006 and since then has provided intensive as well as steadily paced courses throughout the year. They offer courses to foreign speaking adults and children from every nationality who are interested in learning Greek.

Learn4Good is located in Kiti which is approximately a 7-minute drive from the center of Larnaca. The area is filled with amenities such as coffee shops and Mackenzie beach is also close by. This means you can plan a trip to the beach or for coffee afterwards and practice your Greek with the locals.

Language schools in Larnaca are usually equipped with modern facilities and Learn4Good is no different. The school has video-projectors, TVs, computers and free internet access as well as a number of books on learning Greek as a foreign language.

The tutors at this school are all qualified native speakers of Modern Greek who have specialized at the University of Cyprus and London. Each tutor has their own teaching style yet they all use pictures, music, language games as well as other activities to help individuals learn Greek more effectively.

Here is a list of courses Learn4Good offer:

Learn4Good offer morning and evening classes so, you have a choice to pick from depending on your schedule.

Each course is addressed to the following:

Foreign speaking adults who often visit the island and want to communicate in the language of the country.

Foreign speaking adults who permanently live and work in Cyprus (helpful if you want to find a job).

English-Cypriots who are facing language barriers

Students that study at one of the English-speaking universities and want to learn the native language of Cyprus.

Children under 12-years old who want to join one of the Greek speaking schools or to improve their development.

Language Schools in Larnaca: GE-Centre

With 35 years of experience, GE-Centre is a well-known and well-respected language school in Larnaca. Their learning philosophy is “Learning a foreign language – just like learning anything else – is driven by inspiration, engagement and caring. This is what we do best at GE-Centre”. Very inspiring isn’t it?

Since being established in 1983 GE-Centre has transformed and is ever evolving to suit the needs of its students, especially now in the 21st century. This is why the school is fully equipped with 7 classrooms for 7-12 students and a computer lab for a maximum of 10 students. The classrooms have wheelchair access and completely complies with the students’ safety and health rules and regulations of the Ministry of Education and Culture.

Located near the heart of Larnaca, GE-Centre provides students with dedicated tutors. These tutors are passionate about their job in teaching foreign languages to students of all ages and backgrounds. Each teacher at this language school in Larnaca has lived abroad so understands the challenges of living in a new country so, this makes them even more driven towards helping students succeed.

Courses that GE-Centre offer are as followed:

As you can see there are a wide variety of courses to pick from. You can find all the course details and prices on the GE-Centre website.

Many of the foreign language schools in Larnaca offer a selection of courses but, GE-Centre says that it stands out due to its knowledge of how “Inspiration and self-confidence are driving forces towards self-development and success.”

learning materials at larnaca language schools

UCLan Cyprus

The final academy on our list of language schools in Larnaca is UCLan Cyprus. UCLan Cyprus offers local and international students all-year-round courses in a variety of languages. With highly qualified staff and intensive yet fun courses, UCLan is definitely one of the schools to consider if you are thinking of learning a new language.

As well as English courses, the UCLan Language Academy also offers courses in:

All these courses run on Tuesday and Thursdays covering 15 weeks and 60 hours of learning. Each course starts at beginner level with the opportunity to progress to higher levels.


Language schools in Larnaca can provide you with new vital skills, especially if you are new to living in a multi-lingual country. Whether you are learning a new language simply as a hobby or its vital to your life, the schools mentioned above are a great place for support. They each offer beginner courses for you to start and, with the correct teaching and learning environment you will be able to progress in no time at all. Check out the websites provided above for each language school we have mentioned if you are interested and of course, good luck!

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