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Kite surfing in Larnaca is indeed one of the most popular amongst the thrilling variety of watersports in the city. Tourists and residents adore enjoying the adrenalin-pumping adventure of Kite Surfing on the stunning beaches of Larnaca, and kite surfing is by far the most popular water sport across the island.
There is a wide variety of training academies and kite surfing schools that allow both beginners and experts to enjoy this fantastic sport, and enjoy it with state of the art safety protocols. This article will walk you through some of the ideal schools and destinations to enjoy kite surfing in Larnaca.

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kitesurfing in larnaca


Run and managed by Elias M, a prominent International Kiteboarding Organization certified kite surfing instructor; the Kahuna Surf House is one of the best choices for beginners and advanced looking to ride atop the waves. Elias is famous for being a patient and outstanding teacher, and he also organizes some of the most popular and enjoyable kite surfing activities in Larnaca!


Ever since it was founded in 2003, KiteMed is the most popular kite surfing school in Cyprus, and it has facilities all across the island, including Larnaca. Tucked away in Kiti, in Larnaca’s Softades village, KiteMed has an amazing facility that allows access to the sea’s most stunning stretch, making it the ideal location for kite surfing and a variety of other water sports and activities.
KiteMed is the only location approved by the Cypriot authorities. The spacious area has been equipped with state of the art facilities and safety protocols to make the activities safe and secure for both, beginners and experts. Intermediate and expert kite surfers will find the persistently stubborn winds, and shore break waves a tremendous challenge that will keep them coming back for more.
They run an IKO Certified center, which makes it fully compliant to the rules and regulations and quality control guidelines set by the International Kiteboarding Organization (IKO). Their certified and competent trainers are available to help beginners and intermediate learners improve their skills, along with preparing for professional or competitive training.


One of the most impressive initiatives dedicated to kite surfing is that this Limassol-based kite surfing school that runs courses on kite surfing in Larnaca. It is highly recommended for its stellar team of competent professionals and trainers. They choose some of the most idyllic locations and scenic expanses of the sea to run their courses and training sessions.
They offer a wide variety of training courses and kite surfing sessions that are best suited for beginners and advanced learners’ skills and desires. The Kitehouse will take your passion for kite surfing to new heights with its stunning round-up of beaches and kiteboarding training and equipment. Beginners can undergo complete workout, from learning how to use and set up their equipment to finally gliding aboard the waves. They offer customized courses to suit the learners’ schedule, and their classes are offered in four different languages, including English, Greek and Russian.

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