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Invest in a Villa

If you are considering property investment then you must consider investing in a villa in Cyprus. This venture is exciting for anyone but especially for those who want luxury, privacy and security. Villas in Cyprus offer all of this and much more.
In this article we will explain how purchasing a villa will increase the quality of life and squash the misconception that villas are unsafe. We will also discuss the demand for this type of property in Cyprus.

villa swimming pool

Better Lifestyle

Investing in a villa in Cyprus gives you the opportunity to better your lifestyle. Villas often come with numerous amenities including gyms, luxury swimming pools and secure areas for children to play. These amenities are not just for relaxation, they also better your health. Having access to a swimming pool and so swimming regularly will improve your cardiovascular health as well as lower blood pressure. Swimming has also been said to ease joint pains such as arthritis and help with injuries.
Furthermore, most villas in Cyprus have a great amount of outside space, allowing you to take up hobbies or continue activities you previously could not do in a private area. You could spend time gardening for relaxation or get your blood flowing with a game of tennis. Either way, the options really do better your lifestyle.

Investing in a Villa in Cyprus Will Give You Privacy

As villas are independent living spaces, they offer residents a great deal of privacy. They provide enough space between your neighbors and yourself to not have to worry too much about noise or prying eyes. Often in apartments you will be able to hear your neighbor walking upstairs or if a gathering is taking place. However, villas allow you to pull back your curtains and open patio doors without worry. By investing in a villa in Cyprus you invest in a well-designed private plot for your family.

Comfort of Security

A villa will often greet you with a great amount of security. The atmosphere alone will usually give you a sense of safety and with villas usually being built outside of the city, it offers less worry. Much like luxury apartments, villas in Cyprus offer a gated community and even advanced surveillance so that you do not have to worry about your family’s safety.

Location and Value

As mentioned above, villas are usually constructed in suburban parts of Cyprus so immediately you are welcomed with low pollution rates in comparison to the city. Although you might be thinking that suburban living means a lot a travel if you work in the city that is not the case. For example, if you live in a villa in the suburbs of Larnaca you will only need to spend around 20 minutes in the car until you reach downtown Larnaca. A pretty ideal living situation for most people. Do not forgot that an investment in a villa also comes with a lot of appreciative value. So, if you are looking for a family home or somewhere to simply spend your money, a villa will most definitely bring you good returns.

Demand for Luxury Villas in Cyprus

As Cyprus is known as a holiday destination there is a great demand for rental villas. If you chose to invest in one or more then you have the option to rent these out during the months you are not residing in them. Villas are also popular among locals who wish to rent long term. So, there is a possibility to rent out your villa for both short and long term


Investing in a villa in Cyprus gives you many opportunities; freedom to swim in a luxury pool all hours of the day and night as well as offering a more private space for you and your family. Finally, by purchasing a villa you are giving yourself a freedom to renovate and extend, an option often limited in other types of properties. Investing in such a property may not suit everyone’s needs however if you do want privacy, luxury and security then a villa should be a consideration.

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