Importing Household Goods To Cyprus: Here is How

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When you plan to move or relocate to Cyprus, importing goods and personal belongings will necessitate a copy of the property purchase contract or renting agreement to make sure the customer office clears your goods for transportation. This would not necessarily require you to hire a clearing agent, but in fact, all you have to do is arrange a meeting at the customs offices, examine your household goods and get ready to leave.
It is essential to ensure that your cargo list is authentic and you are carrying all the documents required by the customs office. Be sure to take advice from your moving company, and if you have obtained the services of a door-to-door service, it will include customs clearance assistance.

Importing Good to Cyprus

Importing goods to Cyprus: SHIPMENTS & INSPECTION

Sea shipments usually enter Cyprus from Limassol’s ports, and if you are moving from a European Union country, the shipments are randomly chosen for selection. If you are moving from a non-EU country, both air and sea shipments are thoroughly inspected. Shipments transported through less-than-contained load shipments and air freight shipments, the inspection is done at the port or airport, while single-use containers are inspected at your residence. If you are importing new household items form a non-EU country, you will have to pay customs duties, while new and pre-used items will have to be specified to the customs officer.


If you are planning on importing goods to Cyprus, such as cars, motorbikes, yachts, or boats, into Cyprus, you will be required to present the vehicles’ original registration documents. Moreover, you will have to arrange a meeting with the customs office in Limassol.


Various items are prohibited and restricted from being imported into Cyprus, and illegally importing these items can result in case of legal punishment and penalties.
Listed below are the items that cannot be imported into the Republic of Cyprus:
Illegal drugs and narcotic substances
Pornographic material or equipment

Listed below are certain items that are either restricted in Cyprus, can only be carried in small quantities, or will be subjected to additional taxes, fees or duties, before being cleared to bring home:

All food products need to be approved by the Ministry of Health along with obtaining an import license.

Importing all kinds of guns and ammunition requires acquiring approval by the police along with an import permit. The guns need to be at least a year old, and only family entering Cyprus can only import one gun.

Alcohol can be imported but the quantity is restricted to less than 20 opened bottles or 12 sealed bottles.

Tobacco and tobacco-based products are subjected to taxation and custom duties.

Carpets, rugs, fixtures and furniture requires a copy of the original purchase receipt and an import license.

Plants can only be imported after obtaining a certificate from the Phytosanitary department, along with an import permit.

Sport equipment and perfumes require import permits.

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