How To Prep Your Home For Staging In 60 Mins?

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Staging a house for a last-minute buyer view-in can be challenging, but it is important to make the house look presentable so that buyers are inclined to tour through your house and admire what they see.
At times, the sellers hardly get 60 minutes to prepare their house for a staging, especially if they are living in the house while seeking out potential buyers. In this article, we will walk you through some simple strategies to overcome this challenge.

Here are some tricks that will help you out.

Prep your home for staging


The best way to make people linger around in your house and enjoy the ambiance is by attracting their sense of smell, and you can do that by creating a serene aroma that entices them. It’s really quite simple, all you have to do is set up a diffuser that transmits the invigorating scents of lavender, pomegranate or cranberry perhaps.
You can even light up some scented candles in multiple rooms to exude a scintillating scent and create a romantic ambiance that would make any couple want to take their time while touring your house.

Find out about the benefits of a lavender scent here.


Potential buyers will never be attracted to houses that are filled with clutter and do not offer them ample space to walk around and review every nook and cranny of the property. Be sure to remove all toys, excessive furniture and décor items, unattended utensils, and all the clutter that needs to be stashed away to make the house look presentable.
A presentable and neat house looks all the more appealing and attractive, and it also allows the buyers to envision themselves living in your house, and setting up their furniture. Allow them ample space to walk around, examine the appliances, and remove all distractions that might divert their attention from this process.


It’s time to take away all the photographs, frames, and souvenirs and stash them away to de-personalize the space because buyers don’t want to walk in and be reminded that they are visiting someone else’s house.
They need to be able to envision themselves living in your house and starting a new life in a home that will meet their requirements. Remove all the items that connect you with the house, and this means that the drawings your children have lovingly put up on the fridge also need to be stored away.


Here’s a splendid trick to elevate the ambiance and decor of a space without adding any personal elements: just add a mirror. A mirror creates an illusion of spaciousness and invites more light into the room, which works wonders at making smaller spaces look more appealing.


Greenery, plants and flowers uplift the ambience and charm of any and every space, and all you have to do is pick up some pots from your patio and garden, and set them up nicely in strategic locations so the guests can admire them.

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