Higher Education in Cyprus: Universities

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Higher Education in Cyprus

Higher education in Cyprus facilities have become well-recognized as hubs for national and international students. It is popular amongst all European Union countries as well as students from countries such as Russia and China. There is a total of 8 universities operating in Cyprus that follow international guidelines and are recognized by the Government of the Republic of Cyprus as well as the European Union and non-EU countries.
In this article we will discuss 3 of the universities that reside in Cyprus; The University of Nicosia, UCLan Cyprus, and Frederick University.

cyprus education facility

University of Nicosia

The first facility providing higher education in Cyprus we are going to discuss is the University of Nicosia. This university is located in the capital of Cyprus and in 2018 the university became the first of its kind in Cyprus to be ranked by QS World University Rankins; it achieved a place in the top 100 universities in Cyprus in the Emerging Europe and Central Asia (EECA) Region.

Local and international students arrive to take part in one of more than 100 on-campus programs covering Bachelor, Master, and Doctorate level. These courses include Business Management in Real Estate, Finance, and Economics as well as Entrepreneurship and Innovation. There are also programs for Education Sciences and Primary Education as well as Medicine, Public Relations, Law and Civil Engineering.

This facility also offers distance learning via online courses. These courses use innovative e-learning platforms that provide access to extensive resources. The University of Nicosia even refers to itself as an ‘entrepreneurial digital university’ as its educational services and administrative support operations using advanced Information Communication Technology.

With over 11,500 students from across the world, the university prides itself on providing equal opportunities, academically and socially, for each student. The dynamic international teaching and support staff bring knowledge from around the globe in order to provide high-quality teaching.

On the university of Nicosia’s mission page, they state their general aims. Some of these are as followed:

UCLan Cyprus

The University of Central Lancashire, Cyprus, is located in the up and coming city of Larnaca. It is a branch campus of the University of Central Lancashire while being a fully licensed University in Cyprus. It integrates both Cypriot and British educational experiences accredited by the UK Quality Assurance Agency and the Cyprus Agency of Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Higher Education.
By studying at UCLan Cyprus, students will achieve a Double Degree (two certificates) from both UCLan UK and UCLan Cyprus. This qualification is recognized across Europe.

The values of UCLan Cyprus are as followed:

The university also has a long list of clubs and societies including a football club, boxing club, Latin club, law society, computer society, and hiking club. As well as this, UCLan Cyprus also offers a wide range of student support services such as professional counseling, support and guidance on disability issues, health, psychological, and well-being issues as well as international student support regarding visa and travel information.

In regards to education, the University of Central Lancashire, Cyprus, has a School of Business and Management, School of Law and School of Sciences. It offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses as well as distance learning.
Courses include Advertising and Marketing Communications, Law, Cybersecurity, and Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL).

students at Cyprus university

Frederick University

Frederick University was established by the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Cyprus on 12 September 2007. The university operates from two campuses, the main campus is located in the capital, Nicosia, while the second is found in the second-largest city, Limassol. Again, like the other facilities for higher education in Cyprus, Frederick University is recognized both nationally and internationally with students from across the world.
The university offers a wide range of academic programs covering a majority of areas. These areas of study include Science, Engineering, Business, Arts, Architecture, Media, Humanities, Health, and Education.

Frederick University prides itself on having a strong focus on academic research, being one of the leaders for research within Cyprus. However, it also prides itself on its provision of innovation and quality education.

Frederick University has a mission statement and vision which is as followed:


Higher education in Cyprus and the facilities available on the island are well-recognized throughout the world due to their strong belief in students and excellent academic teaching standards. Whilst we have only mentioned 3 out of the 8 universities on the island, it is clear from looking at the mission and value statements that the universities are of great quality. With recognition from the European Union and non-EU countries, it is no wonder that Cyprus welcomes so many international students each year.

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