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Being a member of the European Union, Cyprus upholds all the leading international standards of modern healthcare. Good thing the foreign nationals visiting the island do not have to undergo any immunizations or vaccinations before their trip. Notably, most medical and healthcare professionals practicing on the island have received their training from some of the best medical schools across the UK, USA, and Russia.
Cyprus healthcare benefits include superior quality treatments and services and a great many benefits to the public.

Cyprus Healthcare

Cyprus Healthcare Benefits: Social Insurance

Social insurance is applicable for anyone who is working in Cyprus, regardless of whether they are a national or a foreign resident. The District Labor Office is responsible for registering and issuing medical cards, and there are two kinds of medical cards: class A and class B.
In 2013, the healthcare provisions for the social insurance were renewed, and the new requirements set out different criteria for healthcare in public hospitals and the issuance of the medical card. Class B was abolished, the income criteria was revised, and new charges were introduced for laboratory test and pharmaceuticals. The fees for medical services of government-owned medical institutions was also increased.

Health Stamps

The authorities introduced health stamps, which have to be used for pharmaceutical drugs and laboratory tests, and these stamps need to be bought in advance. They will be attached to the forms of laboratory tests and medical prescriptions. These stamps can be purchased from post offices and public hospitals.

Effective & Affordable Healthcare Facilities

Another Cyprus healthcare benefit is that non-medical card holders or non-beneficiaries enjoy effective and innovative healthcare services by public hospitals upon paying a nominal fee of €15.00 for a general practitioner and €30.00 in case they need to see a specialist. Public hospitals have accident and emergency departments accessible to everyone, and patients have to pay a nominal amount of € 10.00 for whatever services they require.
These fees are not applicable for vulnerable citizens, including the disabled, soldiers, public assistance recipients, and residents of specific institutions. Moreover, European Union nationals who have submitted the payments for social insurance in their home country can avail of free healthcare services and facilities only for a limited duration of time.

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