Food in Larnaca that You MUST visit

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Larnaca Food

From its delicious wine selections, rich creams, amazing seafood dishes, fresh vegetables and beguiling Mediterranean cuisine, Larnaca is home to some of the finest dining experiences in Cyprus.

Larnaca Food

Aquarium Bar Café

An iconic outdoor space that is a bar, a café and a restaurant, and one of the best places to try our classic Mediterranean and European cuisines. This family-own bar and café will take you out towards the oldest pier of Larnaca’s marina, indeed, a popular tourist destination to enjoy the energy and zest of living on a Cypriot island.

You can dine indoors or outdoors, and enjoy a wide selection of seafood, meat, meze, fruits and many other scrumptious items. The best part is, the restaurant is located in a boat, and the experience is nothing short of utterly fabulous!

Archontiko Papadopoulou

Tucked inside an antique and classic three-story mansion, this is indeed Larnaca’s finest and most opulent restaurant, offering a unique experience of the scrumptious Cypriot cuisine. The beautifully-lit restaurant will beguile you with its ambiance, and a juxtaposed décor of a whimsically contrasting dining room and antique farming tools placed across the walls.

The subterranean wine cellar of this restaurant truly takes the prize with its extensive wine collection, an astounding 2000 bottles of the finest quality wine. We strongly recommend you to indulge in Commandria, the famous Cypriot dessert wine for this is the place that introduced this delicacy to the island.

Archontiko Papadopoulou offers a dreamy selection of food, made with fresh ingredients, free-range chicken, fresh herbs and richly seasoned vegetables. Their traditional ceramic cookware is a sight for sore eyes.

Varashiotis Seafood Restaurant

One of the oldest and most celebrated seafood restaurants of Larnaca, Varashiotis is tucked behind the magnificent fort and it comes highly recommended, especially if you want fresh and deliciously prepared fish. It offers an incredible selection of seafood and fish-based recipes, all of which are unique recipes prepared by the connoisseurs of this restaurant.

Aside from their unique recipes, you simply must enjoy their rare selections of homemade wines. The place is always filled with people in the evening, so be sure to book your table before heading over to the restaurant.

The Black Turtle

A family-run establishment, the Black Turtle is tucked near the Agios Lazaros Church, and it is one of the most charming restaurants that is extremely popular for serving traditional Cypriot meze. It is a wonderful spot to kick back your shoes and relax after roaming around the marketplaces and beaches all day. The ambiance is addictive, and the weekends are a perfect time to attend live folk music shows and dance away to beguilingly beautiful tunes.

This quirky and charming restaurant serves the heartiest and freshest meals, and there is absolutely no menu, so basically, you will eat whatever they make, and trust me, you will love it. Saturday nights, after 10 pm, are the perfect time to enjoy a wonderful show of folk music, and feast on their rare dish and a must-have Larnaca speciality, the Sheftalies, which is basically sausage meatballs.

Honorable mentions: Nippon Japanese, The Cialo Stelio Deluxe

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