Larnaca Best Dessert Places You Must Try

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Larnaca's best dessert places

Are you hunting for the best dessert spot to satisfy your sweet tooth? Larnaca is home to some splendid dessert places and ice cream parlors, and in this post, we will introduce you to Larnaca’s best dessert places that offer a truly indulgent experience.

larnaca's best dessert places


Located on the Piyale Pasa, the ReFuel ice cream parlor and juicery are incredibly famous amongst locals and tourists for its unique blend of delicious ice creams and freshly squeezed juices. Run by the adorable and friendly Chris and Tatiana, ReFuel is the ultimate spot to recharge oneself with delicious ice cream and energizing lemonade to avoid the mid-afternoon slump.
Their ice cream is handcrafted and offers various flavors that keep their customers coming back for more. If you are a passionate ice cream lover, this spot comes highly recommended!


Another one of Larnaca’s best dessert places is located on the Piyale Pasa; the Pahit Ice Ice-cream Parlour is famous for its delicious crepes, strawberry waffles, scrumptious cake slices, and a wide range of other flavorful desserts. It is one of the oldest ice cream parlors of Larnaca and offers a truly unique experience in Cyprus’s entire island with its unique blend of flavors.
The variety of flavors will undoubtedly leave you delighted and spoilt for choice, and the affordable rates are just the cherry on top. We strongly recommend you to try their yogurt ice creams for an unforgettable treat.

Larnaca's Best Dessert Places: Hans & Gretel

Hans & Gretel is a favorite amongst Larnaca kids, and it even attracts adults with its whimsical fairy tale décor and delightful offering of delicious ice creams and desserts. It has an exciting line-up of ice creams, jellies, waffles, and various other treats. If you are a waffle and ice cream lover, this is the ultimate spot to treat your taste buds to rare and exciting flavors. Vegan lovers have a lot to rejoice, for Hans & Gretel offers a large variety of delicious vegan treats and dark chocolate ice creams.


Located on Faneromenis Avenue, the Gelateria di Gusto is undoubtedly the ice cream central of Larnaca, and your maiden experience will undoubtedly make you keep coming back for more. It has the most incredible tasting ice cream. Besides the standard flavors of vanilla, chocolate and fruit-based ice creams, the Gelateria di Gusto has concocted some truly unique flavors and widely popular desserts. Health-conscious ice cream enthusiasts can enjoy a variety of stevia ice cream.

Check their Facebook page.


One of our favorite and most well-known creperies in Larnaca. Dozens of savoury flavors as well as for those craving for sweet. Very convenient is that the menu has an approximate nutritional value in calories so you can estimate how much you will have to sweat at the gym later! Cozy atmosphere, friendly staff, quality food and voila, you get the Vivoli’s secret.


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