Family Entertainment in Larnaca

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Larnaca is truly one of the best tourist destinations to explore the Mediterranean. We have compiled a shortlist of suggestions as to where you can find places for family entertainment in Larnaca.

Family Entertainment in Larnaca


Parents always want to make learning a priority for their kids, and what better way to mix it up with a little bit of fun and heaps of fascination. Larnaca’s Paleontology Museum will allow them to discover great facts and stories about all their favorite dinosaurs. The Museum is also home to ancient pygmy elephant bones dating as far back as 10,000 BC.


Another spectacular place for family entertainment in Larnaca is the salt lake. Larnaca Salt Lake allows your children to appreciate the glories of nature, along with learning about 85 different species of rare water birds. The salt lake is an integral passage for migratory birds and truly the best place for bird watching. So, if you’re eager to teach a fascinating new habit to your kids, this beautiful landmark is just the place!

Family Entertainment in Larnaca: AMUSEMENT PARKS

Larnaca is home to many amusement parks that offer paintball battlefields, quad biking, and much more. It is an excellent opportunity to unwind and have an exciting night with your children, who may not be as excited about the scenic beaches that the region has to offer.
You can treat them out to the fantastic rides at the Lucky Star Fun Amusement Park or even the Agiou Georgiou Kontou Playground. When the weather isn’t so friendly, you can even check out some indoor entertainment facilities, such as the WOW Action Park, Ciokoland or Fun Factory. K-Max Bowling arena is incredibly popular amongst teenagers.


A beautifully distinctive place for family entertainment in Larnaca full of ancient architecture is the Kamares, which loosely translates into the arch. The aqueduct was constructed back in the 1700s. It is the most beautiful site to give your kids a vital history lesson without boring them to death. As they explore the Aqueduct’s glorious 75 arches, they will be stunned with the heritage that the region has to offer.


Larnaca is currently missing a large-scale shopping mall. However, one is presently being built. Even though there are many smaller shopping plazas, the region’s shopaholics could really use a little more variety. But now that a new shopping mall, the Metropolis Mall, is well under construction. We can all rest assured that Larnaca is about to welcome a fantastic new entertainment and shopping facility.


Larnaca witnesses scorching, arid and muggy summers while the winters are bitterly cold, and the culture of open-air spaces and roaming around the beaches doesn’t always work like a charm. We all understand that the region lacks facilities to cater to extreme weather and enjoy family entertainment in Larnaca.

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