Expats & Nomads in Larnaca: Settling in for the First Time in 2023

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As an Expat and a Digital Nomad in Larnaca settling into a new city, you want to feel a sense of home and community. Larnaca has a variety of many valuable factors with a combination of beautiful landscapes, a welcoming culture, a stable economic climate, simple immigration laws, and an attractive taxation system.

Larnaca’s Digital Nomad community is growing rapidly, giving you the opportunity to settle into a community with like-minded individuals. The economic and political system is designed to welcome and encourage foreigners to settle in and reside as long as they want.

Settling in a new country can be daunting, exciting, and refreshing. The openness and hospitality towards new residents make our newcomers feel at home. In this article, we’ll discuss settling into Larnaca as Digital Nomads and Expats.

digital nomads in larnaca

Settling into Larnaca with ease:

1. Joining online communities & meet Digital Nomads while you work

Cyprus is growing with like-minded Expats and Digital Nomads who’re hosting community meet-ups. There are opportunities to indulge in local activities such as beach volleyball, tennis, yoga classes, dog walking, etc. The Expats and Digital Nomads in Larnaca meets regularly along gorgeous coastal walks, catching the sunset at the salt lake, visiting historical monuments, and hiking on both high and low points of the island. Search across social media to find like-minded Digital Nomads.

Not only is Cyprus known for its picturesque lifestyle, but there’s also a significant focus on technology and finance and growing foreign investment hotspots. There are coworking spaces and many working-friendly cafes and restaurants. It’s become known that as more Digital Nomads move to Cyprus, there are more remote workers across the island.

As an Expat and a Digital Nomad in Larnaca, the beauty of your freedom is working from any location. Take advantage of this by getting yourself out of the house and into a social environment. 

Recommendations within Larnaca: Pauls Coffee Roaster, St Lazaris Bakery Bar, Mingle, Vineria.

2. Setting up your business with ease as an Expat and Digital Nomad in Larnaca

As one of the most attractive tax regimes in Europe, setting up a business is a rapid and straightforward procedure. It’s essential to speak to a reliable company that can guide you through the process and provides you with relevant lawyers, accountants, etc.

At Sunshadow Investments, we provide this service as a package and offer free consultancies for Expats and Digital Nomads in Larnaca. There are financial incentives for setting up a business in Cyprus, which has become popular amongst the digital nomad community. If you’re relocating your business rather than setting it up, we have an article on the benefits of relocating your business to Cyprus, which you can read for further information.

3. Registering a Company in Larnaca for Expats and Digital Nomads

  • Getting guidance from a lawyer

The Memorandum, the Articles of Association of the Company, and the HE1 form may only be prepared and signed by attorneys who are qualified by the Cyprus Bar Association. This makes it best to continue with legal representation at all times.

  • Requesting a business name from the registrar of businesses (RCOR)

Companies should file a request for approval of their company name to the Official Receiver and Registrar of Companies. 

  • Creating the necessary documentation

The majority of the time, fundamental KYC documents must be provided by the directors and shareholders. Some of these papers include the director’s names, certified true passport copies, location proof, a bank reference letter, and a resume. 

  • Providing the RCOR with all pertinent documentation

Depending on the information gathered by the applicant, a lawyer or other service provider may be required to assist with the preparation of the paperwork and the establishment of a bank account.

  • RCOR’s incorporation of the business

The incorporation of the company, the issuance of its certificate of incorporation, and the receipt of a certified copy of its Memorandum and Articles of Association all occur as soon as the application package has been submitted to the Registrar and the necessary fees have been paid.

4. Attending local events in Larnaca and surrounding areas

As things slowly return to normal, the city has regular events like organized music concerts, bar garden pop-up events, and food markets.

Make yourself familiar with what’s happening in your local area. Look out for posters, and search across social media via your local bars. The locals offer the opportunity to indulge in their culture; by “making your own halloumi” or giving you local tours of villages across the island.

The culture in Cyprus has a warm, loving, welcoming feeling. Cypriots are well-known for their hospitality, and life in Cyprus is calm, collective, and meant to be enjoyed. With their welcoming aura, they’d be willing to guide you if you ask. This welcoming environment is perfect for Expats and Digital Nomads in Larnaca.

5. Exploring the landscape and history

Cyprus is the epitome of the Mediterranean lifestyle combined with a historical, cultural, and natural blend of beauty across the island. For Expats and Digital Nomads in Larnaca, there are abundant opportunities to explore. The natural beauty of open bays, cliffs, and rocks. A mix of sandy beaches, steep mountains, and crystal clear waters.

Cyprus may be a small island. However, it has a long history and a rich culture that spans eleven thousand years, making it one of the oldest civilizations in the Mediterranean.

For expats and digital nomads in Larnaca, this means ample ways to enjoy the country.

The quality of living expenses and transportation for Expats and Digital Nomads in Larnaca

There is competitive pricing when it comes to properties compared to other European countries. Cyprus has a much lower cost of living than similar countries, ranking 27th in the Economist Intelligence Unit’s 2019 Quality of Life rating.

So whether you’re looking for an apartment in the city center or something more extensive, quieter on the outskirts, there are possibilities of finding a suitable fit. Read our article here to look further at the services we can offer you.

Transport is limited across the island, so it’s recommended to have access to a car. There are no trains in Cyprus; however, buses are available within and across cities. It’s not essential; however, your freedom with the car is greater. Saying this, once you’re indulged in the Digital Nomad community, somebody is bound to have a car.

Life in Larnaca

Larnaca, the third largest city on the stunning Mediterranean island of Cyprus, is a perfect destination for expats and digital nomads looking to settle down in a paradisiacal setting without giving up on modern-day luxuries and amenities. The city is bustling with a wide range of economic epicenters and infrastructural developments, which allow modern-day professionals to avail career advancement opportunities, alongside enjoying the modern luxuries of life.

Larnaca’s alluring lifestyle is infused with Mediterranean charm and diverse cultural heritage. The city has a calm, laid-back attitude where locals and foreigners enjoy a slower pace of life. Larnaca combines the old and the new with its picture-perfect beaches, lively dining scene, and busy promenades.

The city offers a plethora of activities to keep you busy and satisfy your need for an adrenaline rush. Whether you are interested in thrilling nature walks and trails, or the adventurous water sports, Larnaca offers a wide range of choices.

Larnaca is indeed one of the most prized jewels of the Mediterranean coast. The benefits mentioned above are just the highlights of what we believe can make Larnaca, Cyprus, so attractive for an option if you’re an expat or a digital nomad.


Having touched on settling into the city, as an Expat and a Digital Nomad Larnaca, we’re happy to answer any questions regarding relocating your business and searching for a rental property that suits you. Do not hesitate to contact us at info@sunshadowinvest.com or call us at +357 24 816246 or Book a 20-Minutes Online Meeting.

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