Expats and Digital Nomads in Larnaca: Essential Guide for 2024

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As one the future Expats or Digital Nomads in Larnaca, you want to live somewhere that fulfills your expectations and needs. Larnaca has several beneficial aspects to consider. With a gorgeous terrain, a friendly culture, a stable economic climate, straightforward immigration regulations, and an appealing taxing structure.

Larnaca’s Digital Nomad community is quickly expanding, allowing you to settle into a community of like-minded people. The economic and political systems are geared up to welcome and encourage immigrants to settle and stay for as long as they desire.

Cyprus’ newcomers feel welcome because of our openness and hospitality to foreginers. In this post, we’ll look at why Larnaca is such a popular destination for digital nomads.

The beneficial factors for moving to Larnaca as a Digital Nomad:

digital nomads in larnaca

1. Taxation

As one of Europe’s most attractive tax regimes, digital nomads in Larnaca benefit the most. 

You can become a tax resident by having the following:

  • A permanent home on the island
  • Holding a business or being an employer in the country 
  • Spending more than 183 days a year in Cyprus
  • Spending at least 60 days in Cyprus (without being taxed in other countries)

Amongst these, Cyprus has the lowest corporate income taxation (12.5%) in the E.U. An attractive tax exemption and low business operational costs. See the article for further information.

It is essential to highlight that Cyprus laws clearly distinguish between a resident and a domiciled person. A domiciled person was born on the island or has lived in Cyprus for more than 17 years.

2. A welcoming culture & relaxed but productive lifestyle

The culture in Cyprus has a warm, loving, welcoming feeling. Cypriots are well-known for their hospitality, and life in Cyprus is calm, collective, and meant to be enjoyed. There are opportunities to indulge in local activities such as beach volleyball, tennis, yoga classes, dog walking, etc. There’s always something to explore, with gorgeous coastal walks, historical monuments to visit, and hikes on both the high and low points of the island.

Not only is Cyprus known for its picturesque lifestyle, but there’s also a huge focus on technology and finance and growing foreign investment hotspots. There are coworking spaces, spaces to take your laptop in coffee shops, and regular meetups amongst communities, allowing you, as a digital nomad in Larnaca, to meet new people.

3. Business & ease of set-up for digital nomads in Larnaca

Setting up a business is a rapid and straightforward procedure. It’s essential to speak to a reliable company that can guide you through the process and provides you with relevant lawyers, accountants, etc. Sunshadow provides this service as a package and offers free consultations for digital nomads in Larnaca. There are financial incentives for setting up a business in Cyprus, which has become popular amongst the digital nomad community. If you’re relocating your business rather than setting it up, we have an article on the benefits of relocating your business to Cyprus, which you can read for further information.

4. The landscape and history

Cyprus is the epitome of the Mediterranean lifestyle combined with a historical, cultural, and natural blend of beauty across the island. For digital nomads in Larnaca, there’s an abundance of opportunities to explore. The natural beauty of open bays, cliffs, and rocks. A mix of sandy beaches, steep mountains, and crystal clear waters.

Cyprus may be a small island; however, it has a long history and a rich culture that spans 11.000 years, making it one of the oldest civilizations in the Mediterranean.

For digital nomads, this means ample ways to enjoy the country.

5. Quality of living expenses and transportation

There is competitive pricing when it comes to properties compared to other European countries. Cyprus has a much lower cost of living than similar countries, ranking 27th in the Economist Intelligence Unit’s 2019 Quality of Life rating.

So whether you’re looking for an apartment in the city center or something more significant, quieter on the outskirts, there are possibilities of finding a suitable fit.

Transport is limited across the island, so it’s recommended to have access to a car. There are no trains in Cyprus; however, buses are available within and across cities. It’s not essential however the freedom you’ll have with the car is more significant. Saying this, once you’re indulged in the Digital Nomad community, somebody is bound to have a car.

Check Cyprus by Bus website

6. English is spoken by the majority of people

English is very widely used in the city. The city’s historical background, immigration rate, and education system are some of the things that contribute most to this situation. As a digital nomad, communicating with people where you are and living without difficulty will make life easier, especially in your daily routine.

Considering how much the signs, menus, and being able to find English-speaking people in the places you go will support you in getting used to and living there, you can have a complete European experience. The fusion of English with the city’s unique character adds a touch of global connectivity, allowing people from diverse backgrounds to come together and create lasting memories in this enchanting Mediterranean paradise.

7. Nightlife and entertainment

Larnaca has a vibrant nightlife scene that caters to a wide range of tastes. There are plenty of bars, pubs, and clubs that offer live music, DJs, and dancing. In addition to these, there are many other bars and clubs that offer a variety of entertainment options. Larnaca also hosts several cultural events throughout the year, such as the Larnaca Summer Festival, which features music, dance, and theater performances.

If you’re looking for a more laid-back atmosphere, you might want to check out some of the local pubs and bars. They offer a wide selection of beers and other drinks, as well as pub food.

For those who enjoy live music, there are some places you can enjoy. If you’re interested in theater performances, you might want to check out the Larnaca Municipal Theater, which hosts a variety of plays and shows throughout the year.

Overall, expats and digital nomads in Larnaca can enjoy a lively and diverse nightlife scene that offers something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a night out on the town or a more relaxed evening with friends, Larnaca has plenty of options to choose from.

8. Healthcare System

Larnaca prides itself on a robust and modern healthcare system that caters to both locals and expatriates. The city is equipped with a network of medical facilities that ensure quality care and accessibility. Public hospitals like Larnaca General Hospital offer a wide range of medical services, including emergency care, surgeries, and specialized treatments.

In addition to public healthcare, Larnaca boasts several private medical facilities renowned for their advanced technology and expertise, such as the American Medical Center and the Mediterranean Hospital. These private institutions often feature multilingual staff and provide comprehensive medical services, catering to the diverse needs of the expat community. Pharmacies are plentiful and offer various medications, providing convenient access to essential healthcare supplies.

Overall, Larnaca’s healthcare system combines a mix of public and private institutions, ensuring residents and visitors receive high-quality medical attention and treatments.

9. Networking opportunities and expat communities

Networking opportunities and expat communities in Larnaca play a pivotal role in enhancing the expat experience. With a growing number of expats and digital nomads choosing Larnaca as their base, the city offers a range of networking events, meetups, and communities tailored to connect like-minded individuals. These gatherings provide a platform to exchange ideas, collaborate on projects, and build professional relationships. Expat communities in Larnaca are vibrant and diverse, catering to various nationalities and interests. Whether one is looking to socialize, seek advice, or simply connect with fellow expats, there are numerous groups and forums available.

Additionally, these communities often organize cultural events, workshops, and outings, fostering a sense of belonging and camaraderie among expats. Overall, networking opportunities and expat communities in Larnaca are invaluable resources for newcomers looking to integrate into the local community and make the most of their time in Cyprus.


Having touched on settling into Cyprus, as a Digital Nomad in Larnaca, we’re happy to answer any questions regarding relocating your business and searching for a rental property that suits you. Do not hesitate to contact us at info@sunshadowinvest.com or call us at +357 24 816246 or Book a 20-Minutes Online Meeting.

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