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Larnaca Seafood

Larnaca is one of the best destinations to explore the delicious variations of fish, crab, and other seafood offerings of the traditional Cypriot and Mediterranean cuisine. You can also explore some exciting Turkish variations of seafood at one of the countless seafood and fresh fish taverns.
The Mackenzie beach area is famous for some of the best seafood spots in Larnaca, and a stroll down the Piale Pasha street will introduce you to some fantastic street-side seafood places and fresh fish taverns.
Whether you like to enjoy eating street food varieties or seek a fine dining experience on an exotic beach, Larnaca is just the place to enjoy gastronomic seafood adventures. In this article, we will walk you through some of the best seafood places in Larnaca.

seafood larnaca

Almar Seafood Bar

Tucked away in the Mackenzie beach region, the Almar Seafood bar invites you to enjoy its eclectic beachside ambiance and one of the most distinctive seafood menus on the island. From light seafood bites to scrumptious platters, the Almar Seafood Bar presents some exciting recipes made with freshly caught fish, crabs, and other sea creatures. Their desserts are a definite must-have after a fulfilling meal.

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Psarolimano Fish Tavern

A unique gastronomic adventure of aromatic Cypriot seafood cuisine and scintillating flavors of the Mediterranean, the Psarolimano Fish Tavern is tucked in front of a small harbor in Larnaca’s Mackenzie region. Here, you can find some of the most spectacular fish-based dishes, and their unique fish meze is a highly recommended treat.
You can enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view of the harbor as you enjoy your meal. Their Halloumi salad, smoked salmon, and Lobster Linguini Pasta are immensely popular amongst locals and travelers. If you’re looking for a reasonably priced fine dining experience, this is it!

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Zephyros Beach Tavern

Nestled across the Piale Pasha street, Zephyros Beach Tavern is indeed a hidden treasure trove of exciting seafood offerings, enticing shrimp cocktails, fried fish varieties, and one of the most splendid wine selections in Larnaca.
This seafood tavern offers the most picturesque fine dining setting with a delightful ambiance, and you get to choose your pick from an extensive menu of wines, including rose, red wine, white wine, and more. Their menu is an utter delight, and we strongly advise you to try their village-style Macaroni with Halloumi cheese, Falafel, Red Mullet, and Pandora Fish.

Pelagos Mediterranean Restaurant

Indeed, the Pelagos Mediterranean Restaurant is one of Larnaca’s finest connoisseurs of Mediterranean cuisine, and their exciting menu and gracious hospitality make it immensely popular amongst the locals. Located on Dhekelia Road, Pelagos, this family-run restaurant is a worthwhile experience with its impressive wine selections, extensive menu with multiple offerings of the finest Mediterranean recipes.
Their fish-based menu is devastatingly delicious, and you are strongly advised to try their Kalamari Rodella, Salmon, and Grilled King Prawns. Their traditional fish meze is also quite famous for its rich Greek flavors.

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