Digital Nomads in Cyprus: 14 Essential Reasons to Choose Cyprus in 2024

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Within this post-pandemic era, there is an increase in the number of digital nomads and location-independent businesses. This change has also increased the number of digital nomads in Cyprus as well. More and more business owners are finding Cyprus suitable to visit and grow their businesses.

This article will explain the experiences of being a digital nomad in Cyprus and the critical information you need to know before picking Cyprus for your destination.

14 essential reasons to choose Cyprus in 2024 for Digital Nomads in Cyprus:

  1. Mediterranean Climate
  2. Non-Dom Taxation Policy
  3. Quality of Life to Living Expenses
  4. Fast Company Formation Procedure and Low Fees
  5. Strategic Location for Digital Nomads in Cyprus
  6. Majority of People Talk English
  7. Entrepreneurs and Digital Nomads Communities
  8. Choosing Your City in Cyprus
  9. Welcoming People & Close-Knit Community
  10. Gastronomic Adventures for Digital Nomads in Cyprus
  11. Simple Immigration Laws
  12. Cyprus’ New Digital Nomad Visa Program
  13. Quality of Education
  14. Safety and Low Crime Rates
digital nomads in cyprus

1. Mediterranean Climate

If you enjoy warm weather and swimming in the sea while getting a cinnamon tan, Cyprus’ closeness to the equator makes it the ideal location for you. Cyprus has an average yearly temperature of 25°C during the day and 15°C at night. Every year, it receives 300 days of sunshine. It’s a lovely area to live and work, with the island’s strong emphasis on art and entertainment contributing to the ideal lifestyle.

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2. Non-Dom Taxation Policy

Cyprus taxation scheme allows the digital nomads to become tax residences within 60 days. This scheme allows the digital nomads in Cyprus to benefits from the most attractive taxation system in the EU. To be eligible for the non-dom taxation policy, you need to:

  1. Spend at least 60 days in Cyprus without being taxed in other countries
  2. Spend more than 183 days per year in Cyprus
  3. Have a permanent home in Cyprus (Rental or Ownership)
  4. Have your own business or be an employer in Cyprus

Here are some of the attractive taxation schemes in Cyprus:

  • The lowest corporate income tax rate of 12.5% in Europe
  • Tax exemptions for Dividend income, Interest income, Profits from the sales of securities, and more
  • A tax-free threshold of €19,500 for income taxes
  • 20% income tax for incomes within €19,501 — €28,000
  • 25% income tax for incomes within €28,001 — €36,300
  • 30% income tax for incomes within €36,301 — €60,000
  • 35% income tax for incomes within €60,001 and more

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3. Quality of Life to Living Expenses

Cyprus has a much lower cost of living than similar countries while ranking 27th in the Economist Intelligence Unit’s 2019 Quality of Life rating.  And yet, the island has high-quality healthcare, education, and housing. Cyprus is a peaceful country with many advantages for nomads that reside there or plan to relocate there.

The friendliness of Cypriots is well-known, as is their cordial greeting to tourists. Cyprus is a place where you should be able to relax and enjoy yourself. The island life is built on the concept of having a healthy work-life balance while reaching your goals.

4. Fast Company Formation Procedure and Low Fees

Forming a corporation in Cyprus is a straightforward procedure. It takes no more than ten days to complete the registration procedure. Costs charged by different business entities (including government fees) range from €1,000 to €2,500.

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5. Strategic Location for Digital Nomads in Cyprus

In the eastern Mediterranean, Cyprus lies at a crossroads between Europe, the Middle East-Asia, and Africa. Because of its location, Cyprus is a perfect place for doing business with three continents. This is attractive to the digital nomad in Cyprus and running their healthy business.

Cyprus is presently the safest place globally for countries with populations of less than 5 million people. Cyprus is also the EU’s safest migrant destination, ranking sixth.

6. Majority of People Talk English

The official language of Southern Cyprus is Greek, while English is taught in schools. Almost everyone in Larnaca, Cyprus, speaks English. This perk comes in handy if you are planning to operate your business here and live comfortably.

7. Entrepreneurs and Digital Nomads Communities

By doing quick research online, you can find several digital nomads and entrepreneurs’ communities. The members of these groups meet up frequently and support each other to settle down faster and easier. These communities are packed with diverse members from different parts of the world, giving the new digital nomads in Cyprus a chance to get to know other cultures.

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8. Choosing Your City in Cyprus

Every city of Cyprus has its personality and way of living. It is up to the digital nomads in Cyprus to pick a city to settle than and operate. Here is some quick information about each city:

  • Larnaca: the wine capital of Cyprus, is also the finest place to sample the delectable flavors of rich Cypriot cuisine and unusual Mediterranean delights. Cyprus’ international airport is located in Larnaca and the considered to have a nice balance of everything among all island’s cities.
  • Nicosia: Nicosia, Cyprus’ capital, was named one of Europe’s top 20 most refined places to live in. It provides a fascinating combination of country and city life, steeped in history and rich cultural traditions.
  • Limassol: Limassol, known as Cyprus’s commercial and entertainment hub, has many options for businesses and job seekers. It is regarded as a city with everything, including adventure, history, opportunity, romance, and much more.
  • Paphos: the favorite destination amongst British immigrants, and it hosts the largest community of ex-pats. For seven years in a row, it was voted one of the best cities of Cyprus live in, and in 2007, Paphos garnered the title of Europe’s cultural city.

9. Welcoming People & Close-Knit Community

The Cypriot culture is deep-rooted in altruism and hospitality, and expats are increasingly relocating to the islands because of the hospitable and welcoming nature of the local communities. Cypriots are warm, giving, and loving; they shower visitors and foreigners with respect and encourage them to get involved in the local community. The current digital nomads in Cyprus love this welcoming attitude of Cypriots.

Cypriots believe in working to live rather than living to work, and foreigners who relocate to Cyprus find it delightful to see the locals discussing business in quaint coffee shops and negotiating deals over flavorful pots of Mediterranean cuisine.

The local communities are multilingual, which makes it easier for foreigners to socialize, make friends and build a place for themselves within the local communities. Cypriots speak Greek, Turkish, English, Russian, German and French. Foreigners and expats who take the initiative of learning a few words or phrases of Greek are received very warmly and appreciated for embracing the Cypriot culture and language.

10. Gastronomic Adventures for Digital Nomads in Cyprus

Cypriot is one of the best destinations to feast on Mediterranean cuisine’s scintillating and aromatic flavors with a Greek and Turkish twist. Digital nomads relocating to Cyprus will never tire of the island’s endless gastronomic adventure. Cyprus offers various flavor palettes, textures, ingredients, and cultural influences.

If you’re an avid foodie or a gastronomic adventurer, the adventures will never end, for there will always be a new tavern or an old seafood joint to try. We urge you to explore and expand your taste horizons by sampling rare renditions of Greek cuisine, Middle Eastern delicacies, and Turkish traditions. Cyprus is famous for numerous plant-based ingredients, primarily olive oil.

You must try halloumi – a flavorful local cheese prepared with a blend of goat and sheep milk. Souvla is an addictive treat for meat-lovers, while souvlakia and Sheftalia are highly recommended for foodies who like their meat served with herb-infused salads and charcoal-grilled platters.

11. Simple Immigration Laws

Cyprus is heaven for digital nomads, as immigration laws here are straightforward. Compared to other European Union counties, Cyprus offers facilities to the residents, no matter to which part of the world they belong. If you want to settle down here, you must complete a little file work, and you can stay in Cyprus with all legal rights.

If you are from a country not part of the European Union, you can get a temporary residence permit, which is very simple. The rules of European nationals and others are slightly different, which we mention here.

If you are a European national, there is no need to have a visa to stay in Cyprus if you plan to stay less than three months. However, if you have to stay longer, you need a certificate, usually called a Yellow slip. This registration certificate for European residents allows them to live and work in Cyprus with Legal rights. Yellow slip allows you access to essential services like car registration and medical facility. If you are living with family, you will need this for the school enrollment of your children too.

If you are from a non-European country, you can visit Cyprus with a visitor visa. But if you are planning a more extended stay, you need a temporary residence permit, also called a pink slip. In local laws, migrants can apply under six categories. Four categories from A to D are for self-employed people who want to do business here. They can apply to the categories like agriculture, science, mining, and cattle breeding. 5th category is for those who receive a job offer permanently. The last category is for investors. If someone can invest €100.000 in real estate, he can apply for immigration under this category. The yearly income of the applicant must be around €9,600.00.

So people worldwide can enjoy a good living standard in one of the safest places in the world. These simple immigration rules are very attractive to people, mainly European nationals. Enjoy legal status in the country without any complicated procedure makes Cyprus more attractive for digital nomads.

12. Cyprus' New Digital Nomad Visa Program

As part of the recent news in 2021, Cyprus has announced its new Digital Nomad Visa Program starting from January 2022.

Applicants who are employed, self-employed, or freelancers can get permits issued for one year with the option to renew for another two years.

Holders of the Digital Nomad Visa must earn at least 3,500 per month, have medical insurance, and have a clean criminal record.

The digital nomads in Cyprus should prove their income by the employment agreement or other relevant proof and a bank account.

In the case of having family members. The income amount is increased by 20% if there is a spouse/civil partner and by 15% for each child.

13. Quality of Education

Cyprus has attracted attention worldwide in the field of education for a while. Studying in this city is advantageous in every way, where students have a high quality of life, can establish international connections, and have a high standard of living.

The Republic of Cyprus spends more than 7% of its GDP on education, the third-highest share in the EU. It is also ranked fourth in the world for higher education and training among 144 nations and has the highest per capita rate of college and university graduates. With these investments in education, studying in Cyprus has become a privilege.

Considering that Cyprus is a part of the EU and the Bologna system, most of its schools and colleges follow the American system of education, which offers students the freedom to customize their course of study and choose their own academic load.

14. Safety and Low Crime Rates

Cyprus stands out as a haven of safety and tranquility, offering digital nomads a secure environment for both work and leisure. Renowned for its remarkably low crime rates, the island ensures a sense of peace and well-being. This safety extends across its cities and picturesque landscapes, allowing residents and visitors alike to navigate the island with confidence.

Whether exploring historic sites, enjoying the vibrant culture, or simply strolling along the serene beaches, individuals can do so with a sense of security. The local emphasis on community and hospitality further contributes to the overall feeling of safety, fostering an environment where digital nomads can focus on their professional pursuits without unnecessary concerns. The commitment to safety makes Cyprus not only an appealing destination for remote work but also a sanctuary for those seeking a harmonious and worry-free lifestyle.

EXTRA: Cyprus' Economic & Political Stability

Digital nomads rely on a thriving IT infrastructure and political and economic stability, most importantly. Cyprus is the ideal location if you’re looking for a centrally-located European country that gives you access to foreign markets and industries. Political and economic stability go hand-in-hand, and the Cyprus Government facilitates digital nomads with a facilitative ecosystem and functional infrastructure.

The government has created a thriving business ecosystem with robust legislation, regulations, and schemes that attract and facilitate remote investors, entrepreneurs, tech geniuses, and creative professionals. Digital nomads in Cyprus enjoy advantageous tax exemptions, economic regulation and stability, and a politically thriving climate.

Digital nomads flock to bask in the Cypriot sunshine and transform their productivity while working from the picturesque beauty of the Mediterranean coast. The local banking system facilitates digital nomads, and the economic ties with the European Union countries create a facilitative ecosystem for entrepreneurs and investors to thrive and maximize their profits.

Digital nomads in Cyprus and remote professionals are attracted by the high living standards and low cost of living that allow them to devote all resources to their professional responsibilities. Foreigners can access foreign currencies and rely on the local banking system to facilitate transactions and ensure speedy arrangements to handle day-to-day operations.

The internet infrastructure offers stable connections to digital nomads residing in Cyprus’s urban and remote communities. Political stability and friendly ties with eastern and western countries, coupled with Cyprus’s geostrategic location, make it an ideal destination for digital nomads collaborating with businesses worldwide.

The government takes numerous initiatives to attract and retain digital nomads by offering them residency schemes, tax exemptions, corporate support, business-friendly regulations, and ease of foreign exchange, amongst other developments. Cyprus’s political and economic climate is ideally suited to the evolving needs of digital nomads, offering them the flexibility they need to thrive and grow exponentially.


As mentioned at the beginning of this article, if you want to live as a digital nomad in Cyprus, you are making an excellent choice to pick Cyprus as your destination. The geographical benefits and the straightforward procedure of starting a business in Cyprus are there for you to take advantage of.

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