Cyprus Investment Market 2021

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International investors interested in participating in real estate investment groups in Cyprus starting from €500,000 budget.

Cyprus Investment market

There has been a robust growth in the Cyprus investment market over the past 3 years with significant growth towards the end of 2019. With investment opportunities extending across multiple sectors such as tourism, real estate and energy, it is no wonder they are the foundation of the economy.

The market is known for extending foreign investors portfolios and creates an appealing risk-return package along with offering a diverse choice of sectors to invest in. Furthermore, Cyprus has a very attractive tax system that is 100% compliant with the requirements of the OECD, making it extremely desirable for investors across the globe.

If you have been wondering what the recent statistics for the energy sector are or how much growth real estate in Cyprus has seen over the past year, then keep reading. We have created a useful infographic; Cyprus Investment Market 2020. This has all the basic data and information you will need regarding investment and the economy in Cyprus. We will show you the total sales and percentage increase regarding petroleum, statistics relate to expenditure per person in the tourism sector as well as permit data concerning the construction and real estate area.


As mentioned above, there are various sectors with investment opportunities, and we have taken the most general and relevant data. However, if you are looking for more in-depth statistic, visit here.


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