Cyprus Eco-Friendly Strategy

Climate change is a powerful reality that is compelling governments, societies and people across the world to take action against all hazards that damage our environment, and pollute our sources of water and food.

The Government of Cyprus, as an environmentally responsible entity, has taken multiple measures to elevate the situation, and control environmental hazards.
The island of Cyprus, alongside other Mediterranean and water-surrounded countries, has much to lose from allowing efficient accumulation of waste to gather up and pollute its marine life. And hence, the island has decided to active fight off pollution by completely ditching the disposal of solid waste for a new strategy: garbage sorting, recycling and disposal.

Cyprus Eco-Friendly

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The Government launched a program to eliminate all plastic bags, and providing a more sustainable alternative: paper bags. Earlier, in April, the waste recycling plants became operation, and now, a new waste collection system has been launched to process the waste even further.
The previous system was ineffective because it did not sort the garbage, but instead, dumped everything into similar containers, which made the disposal process challenging. The system of garbage sorting has allowed countries across the European Union and other parts of the world to effectively combat the challenge, and now, Cyprus has also followed suit.


The Cypriot government has revived the spirit of environmental protection and garbage sorting by luring the public with money for recycling plastic bottles and other items. The authorities believe that this conscious approach will trigger an active effort and motivate Cypriots to make the island garbage-free.
Soon, the authorities will introduce Pandomats across all the leading shopping centers, and these are basically devices that will give out cash rewards in exchange for plastic bottles. An individual simply has to lower an empty plastic bottle to win a meagre cash reward, and such devices will also be designed for aluminum cans.
Delivering empty plastic containers will garner you a cash reward of 8-25 cents, depending on the size of the item. Naturally, the greater cans and bottles you feed to the Pandomats, the more money you can make. Multiple Cypriot shopping and grocery chains have expressed their desire to be a part of this remarkable initiative by offering to install these devices on their premises.


The Cypriot government is absolutely certain that this strategy of monetary remuneration will work wonders at making Cypriots become actively involved in the process of garbage sorting, and responsible disposal of their household waste. It will stimulate them to reduce the wastage and pollution created by plastic and aluminum, protecting the island, its water and food resources, and its marine life, from the hazards of waste accumulation. The garbage collected by the Pandomats will be dispatched to recycling plants immediately.
This strategy is working wonders all across the world, including Asian countries, Germany and the USA, however, the settlements of the collateral value system tend to vary.

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