Climate and Seasons of Cyprus

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The island and beaches of Cyprus beckon with their sunny and pleasant climate conditions of the Mediterranean, with plenty of opportunities for action, adventure, entertainment and much more depending on the climate and seasons of Cyprus.
Cyprus has an endless love affair with the sun, and the island has an average of 320 days of romancing the sun with clear blue skies. Cyprus is the only country across the European Union that enjoys the longest summer, running from May till November.
The subtropical Mediterranean climate is hot and often mild in the summer with temperatures soaring up to 30-35°C, while the winter is rainy with temperatures ranging between 13 and 15°C. The Mountain peaks tucked away in the Troodos Mountains are the only attraction that offers snow in Cyprus.

Climate and Seasons of Cyprus


Running from March until May, spring is a beautiful time of the year as the island is filled with an abundance of flowers and blossoms. From mid-February, nature starts painting the mountains and pastures with a rich green carpet of grass, and the blossoming flowers and almond trees celebrate the arrival of spring.
March is a cool and pleasant month in Cyprus, and spring remains rich and vibrant with bright colors until mid-May, after which temperatures start to soar. Spring is the perfect time to go on adventures exploring the hills and mountain trails of Cyprus, while the ancient ruins and historical heritage also beckons to be explored in the pleasant spring weather.


Mid-May marks the arrival of summer, and Cyprus welcomes a clear sky pouring down heat that can only be cooled off by taking a plunge in the Mediterranean Sea. As the temperatures continue to soar, the sky becomes clearer and clearer, with a vivid shade of blue.
Usually, summer temperatures tend to soar between 32 and 36°C on the coastal and central parts of the island, however, in July, they can even soar up to 40°C. July and August are notorious for being the hottest months of the year, compelling people to run away to the West and cool off in Paphos.


Autumn is the perfect season to enjoy the Cypriot sun, laze around the beach all day and indulge yourself in water sports and swimming. You can bask under warmth of the summer sun until mid-November, however, the weather does get a bit too cold for swimming by then.
October and November are a splendid time to visit the Troodos Mountain for the mountain slopes beckon with their adventure, while the gold and burgundy vineyards offer rare wine tastings.


Winter in Cyprus begins in mid-December and lasts until mid-March, and this incredibly short season requires heating at homes because the nights tend to be quite cold. Winter is always uncertain in Cyprus, bringing endless sunny days and then an abundance of rain.
However, winter is a great time to visit the slopes of Troodos Mountain, and you can also undertake excursions and explorations in the cities. The weather is largely bearable and pleasant, and there is an abundance of outdoor entertainment opportunities.

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