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Cyprus Cities

Tucked between Greece and Turkey, Cyprus is indeed one of the most picturesque islands of the Mediterranean, beckoning foreigners and retirees with its scenic beaches, sunny climate and plethora of economic benefits.
Every nook and cranny of this breath-taking island is filled with wondrous splendors of nature, cultures and historical heritage, and therefore, choosing the right city to settle can be a bit intimidating. In this article, we will walk you through all the best cities that to bask under the Cypriot sun and enjoy a fulfilling life.

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The wine capital of Cyprus, Larnaca is also the best destination to indulge yourself in the scrumptious flavors of the rich Cypriot cuisine and exotic Mediterranean delicacies. Thanks to the Retirement visa plan introduced in 2007, Larnaca is immensely popular amongst retirees, particularly non-EU citizens.
Retirees are attracted to Larnaca for its striking benefits, such as extremely low income tax policies, tax-free pensions, and modern healthcare facilities. The low costs of living and attractive real estate rates also make it an ideal destination for expats who are not extremely wealthy and want to lead a manageable life.


The capital of Cyprus, Nicosia was chosen amongst the top 20 best cities to live in Europe, for it offers a unique and intriguing blend of village and city life, drenched in historical heritage and rich cultural values.
Nicosia does not offer scenic beaches and historical architecture, but it welcomes throngs of tourists each year, who simply come to cherish the hospitality of the welcoming locals. It is a great community to settle down with your family or even plan a fulfilling post-retirement life.


Known as the business and entertainment capital of Cyprus, Limassol offers entrepreneurs and job seekers an abundance of opportunities. It is considered a city that offers everything, be it adventure, heritage, opportunities, romance and much more.
Limassol hosts the largest number of small village communities, which makes it the ideal destination to experience true Cypriot culture in all its glory. The city is home to some of the most iconic architectural and historical landmark, and there’s always something to do for families and singles.
EU expats can enjoy impressive educational and health benefits in Limassol.


Paphos is one of the favorite destinations amongst British immigrants, and it hosts the largest community of expats. For seven years in a row, it was voted one of the best cities to live in Cyprus, and in 2007, Paphos garnered the title of Europe’s city of culture.
Today, Paphos is a modern city with a booming economy and dynamic business opportunities, alongside a modernized infrastructure to support architectural, archeological and healthcare amongst other thriving industries.
Tucked right next to the breath-taking Mediterranean coast, it is an abode of peace, tranquility and sunshine, and the best part is, it offers attractive real estate prices for rentals and home ownership.


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