Best Types of Wood For Long-Living Furniture

Wood is one of the most beautiful bounties of nature, however, when most wood varieties exposed  to extreme humidity and hot temperatures, they wither away and lose charm. So what are the best types of wood for long-living furniture that can survive hot and humid environment.

Wood for Furniture

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Apart from being an incredibly elegant, manageable and versatile choice for furniture, beech wood is also known as the “hard-wearing” wood, making it an excellent type of wood for hot and humid weathers.

Beech wood is an extremely popular choice for tables, chairs, beds, and even outdoor furniture, and this is primarily because this kind of wood does not succumb to pressure and outshines its value with remarkably long-term durability. The best part is, the hard surface of beech wood furniture will not disappoint you with horrid signs of chipping and gouging. Apart from furniture, it is also a great choice for flooring.


A dense and durable hardwood, Hickory will not fall prey to the hazards of chipping, gouging and most importantly humidity. This exotic and incredibly tasteful wood variety will look spectacular in your house because it has a distinctively unique charm that is incredibly popular across the world. The best part is, despite being exotically elegant, it is amazingly affordable.

You get to pick out from a wide range of hickory species, however, each stands incomparable in terms of durability and hardness. It is amazingly dense, and you must choose it for furniture that is most likely to suffer from scratches and humidity impact.


Engineered hardwood is highly recommended for highly humid regions, for they are artificially manufactured to withstand the pressures of extreme heat and humid weather conditions. Basically, it is manufactured through a process of extreme exposure to heat, and later, exposed to pressure to bond plywood with a layer of dense hardwood.

It is this manufacturing process that allow engineered hardwood to put up a solid defence against humidity, and since it is watertight, it will delight you with its durability for years to come. If you are particularly worried about high levels of humidity on below-grade areas in your house, engineered planks are a great option for your furniture.


A unique and insanely versatile variety of Australian hardwood, Jarrah is famous for its incredible strength and remarkable durability. You see, Jarrah is actually a kind of timber that will beguile you with its beautiful color palettes, ranging from golden blondes to rich reds and mahogany.

It is an ideal choice for hot and humid weathers, and Jarrah furniture works perfectly well in both, indoor and outdoor locations. It will withstand the pressures of heat and humidity with its have wavy, interlocked grains and tough planks. However, if you’re planning to use it to make your own furniture with your novice DIY skills, the toughness of the planks will certainly get in your way.

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