Discover The Best Spots For Wine Tasting in Larnaca

Larnaca and its surrounding villages have a rich history of wine making, and this tradition has been preserved and celebrated by some of the most prestigious wineries and wine cellars erected across the island.

wine tasting in Larnaca

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A formidable experience into the traditional art of wine making, the Oak Tree Wine Cellar & Tasting Room is tucked away in the old quarter of Larnaca’s city center, and it is famous for cultivating regional vineyards and strong blends of wine made with indigenous varieties of grapes. Founded by the Katodritis family back in the 1950s, this wine cellar offers a unique experience of rich spirits, flavorful wine and an impressive history of the culture of Cypriot winemaking.
The tour will walk you through the many intricacies of wine making, alongside introducing you to some of the rarest and finest varieties of Cypriot wine, and other varieties from across the world. The Oak Tree Wine Cellar & Tasting Room promises an exciting day of sipping wine with platters of scrumptious cheese.


Tucked away in the scenic hillside village of Kato Drys, the Ktima Christoudia is a must-have wine tasting adventure for enthusiasts who are curious about the origins and crafting of vintage wine varieties. This traditional winery is famous for producing some of the rarest variety of Cypriot wines, made with a wide variety of Cypriot grapes that are cultivated in the vineyards surrounding the winery.
The tour allows you to understand the process of wine making, alongside the pleasure of strolling through a picturesque hillside vineyard. The Ktima Christoudia is famous for the uniqueness and rareness of their wine blends, and they also produce an impressive section of wine from the grape varieties grown across the region of Paphos.


Located just above the picturesque valley of Lefkara, the Ktima Dafermou has risen to fame with its impressively unique wine blends, and the breathtakingly scenic backdrop of vineyards tucked across the rolling hills. This majestic winery is an artistic blend of modern wine making techniques and traditional aesthetics. The wine tasting will walk you through the unparalleled production techniques employed across the estate, and it will introduce you to a mind blowing experience of organic winemaking.
The Ktima Dafermou is a one-of a kind experience that offers a stunning outdoor arrangement, and a private, more intimate indoor settings. This modern facility will introduce you to the flavorful blends of carefully handpicked grapes, and the venue can also be booked for private events, weddings and more.


Cavaway takes you into the idyllic village of Livadia and introduces you to one of the largest, most impressive variety of alcoholic beverages found on the island of Cyprus. It is home to an extensive variety locally and internationally produced wines, and the impressively decorated showroom is available for hosting private wine tastings, commercial events, seminars, wine tasting lessons and a lot more.

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