Best Places to Enjoy Breakfast or Brunch in Larnaca

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Cypriots have a passion for delicious food, and over the years, the European culture of brunching and breakfast has been incorporated well into the food culture of Larnaca. The city is brimming with a variety of restaurants and brunch spots that offer a unique gastronomic experience, and we’ve picked out some of the absolute best for you to try.

larnaca breakfast and brunch


Tucked away in a traditional establishment across the bustling streets of Phoinikoudes, Edem’s Yard welcomes you with a plethora of traditional Cypriot cuisine and some scrumptious specialties. An oasis in the metropolis, this lively outdoor place has an eclectic appeal that offers a delicious menu, and an unrivaled dining experience. It is considered a spectacular choice for breakfast, and you owe your taste buds the flavorful bites of their buttermilk pancakes with caramelized bacon, The French brioche, served with nutmeg and cinnamon is another exceptional treat. Their brunch menu is equally exceptional, served with a wide variety of salads, sandwiches and scrumptious hot meals.


An eclectic and lively café filled with unique culinary surprises and adventures, Mingle allows all food lovers to satisfy their individual and peculiar tastes. Nestled at the bottom of Larnaca’s QBIC City Hotel, Mingle will remind of the chic and well-decorated Parisian cafes with its cosmopolitan vibe. The interior is indeed a feast for the eyes, and the welcoming aura is intensified with the courteous and friendly staff.
Their menu is brief but loaded with intensely satisfying culinary adventures, which is why this quaint little café quickly rose to claim a spot among Larnaca’s most popular breakfast and brunch places. You can choose between sandwiches, burgers and wraps, and vegan foodies can indulge in their delicious avocado burgers, beetroot sandwiches and other beautifully-set meals.


Dstrkt is indeed one of the prized gems in Larnaca, famous for its breakfast, brunch menu, fine dining and most importantly, its high-end nightclub. It is the most fashionable breakfast and brunch location in the city, and its loud cosmopolitan vibe is accentuated by a scrumptious menu, and fabulous selection of drinks.
This high-end European-style bar, café and restaurant is particularly famous for its refreshing drinks, and its peculiar variety of scrumptious seafood dishes. You simply have to try their Grilled salmon souvlaki, served with fresh vegetables and quinoa salad. The menu also contains vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free varieties.


Enjoy the ultimate Cypriot experience aboard a lavishly decorated boat, tucked inside the Larnaca marina. The Aquarium Bar Café welcomes you to an eclectic and luxurious experience, and the ideal location for breakfast and brunch.
You can enjoy your first meal in a delightful open-deck canopy, while the aquatic-themed décor inside the boat is equally tasteful to charm your eyes. They serve some of the most inventive and delicious Cypriot treats, savoury desserts, sandwiches and beverages. Truly, it will mark the perfect start to your day. Their brunch menu is also equally satisfying and soothing.

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