Best Foreign Language Schools in Larnaca

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Language Schools in Larnaca

Embracing the Greek language, or any other foreign language for that matter, can be an overwhelming and challenging journey, especially, if you don’t have the guidance of qualified and dedicated teachers; that’s when language schools in Larnaca come in.

Modern teaching techniques and tools makes a powerful difference to the learning experience, and Larnaca is home to a variety foreign language schools that allow students, expats and children to acquire modern European languages.

We’ve picked out some of the best institutions that can help you embrace foreign languages with an interactive and innovative learning environment.

Here, take a look at our picks:

Language Schools in Larnaca

Learn4Good Larnaca

A highly reputable language institute, Learn4Good has been an asset to the community since its inception in 2006, and it stands as a pioneer amongst schools teaching Greek as a foreign language. Learn4Good is famous amongst expats and English-speaking Greeks and Cypriot struggling to learn their native language. Learners can choose between a plethora of courses that are tailored to suit multiple time durations and specialization levels of the student. Children and adults of every nationality will find this school amazingly helpful with its innovative teaching methods.

The institute is located near the picturesque coast of Larnaca’s Mackenzie beach, and it invites young learners, and adults to embrace the Greek language with a newfound passion. Their learning activities are entwined with modern techniques, extra-curricular activities focused on dramatization, linguistic games, entertainment and literature. Learn4Good offers the guidance of highly competent teachers of Modern Greek, many of whom have specialized in the Greek language and its history at the University of Greek, and the University of London.

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G.E. Centre

Founded in 1983, G.E Centre is one of the oldest and most prestigious foreign language schools in Larnaca, and it allows adults and children to learn a wide range of languages in specialized courses. Driven with a strategy of specialized training and professional engagement, the G.E. Centre has evolved remarkably through the years, and its innovative practices are best suited for modern-day learners.

It is particularly popular amongst expats seeking to embrace modern European languages, including Greek, French, Russia, Spanish, Italian and German. The school also provides training and courses in the English language. It provides students the opportunity to learn from highly qualified teachers who have spent years training and learning abroad. Learners from the G.E Centre have described the experience as highly stimulating, and inspiring.

UCLan Cyprus

A branch of the University of Lancashire in Larnaca, UCLan offers a variety of language courses designed for students, job seekers, expats and other professionals. Whether you want to pursue a career in a foreign language, or you want to learn Greek to improve your interaction with your coworkers and the Cypriot community, UCLan offers an engaging and inspiring learning atmosphere.

It offers a variety of language courses, including Greek, Chinese, Arabic, Russia, French, Italian, Turkish, Spanish, German and more. The course fees are extremely affordable, and the courses cater to both beginner and intermediate level students. The learning environment is very inclusive and encouraging, and students can access modern learning tools and career-enhancing opportunities.

For more info go to the UCLan website.


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