Beaches In Cyprus: 5 Places You Should Visit

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Cyprus is home to the most splendidly scenic beaches in the world that offer state-of-the-art water sports opportunities to give an adrenaline rush and give you an adventure of a lifetime. We have picked out some of the best beaches in Cyprus that we suggest you must visit.

Cyprus Beaches


If you are in Paphos, the Alykes Beach is a splendid attraction that is definitely worth a visit, and it is probably the best beach in Cyprus when it comes to quick access. It is the perfect beach to laze around in the sun, and many travelers find its rocky expanse breathtaking and challenging at the same time. It is an ideal destination for swimming, but be sure to invest in the appropriate shoes to save your feet from the stones and rocks. Even though the beach is always swarming with tourists, you can always find a nice spot and enjoy lounging chairs and fast food facilities available at the beach.


Konnos Bay is a definite must-have for your travel bucket list, and it is one of the most popular beaches of Cyprus. Tucked away in the Ayia Napa region, Konnos Bay is absolutely stunning gleaming blue water and idyllic scenery.
This beach is immensely famous among Cypriots and foreigners, and therefore, it swarming with tourists throughout the summer season. However, as compared to other beaches, it has a much more relaxed and leisurely life with a wide range of entertainments.


Located at the magnificent Petra Tou Romiou, Aphrodite’s Rock is not only the most splendid and popular destinations to experience the scenic coastline of Cyprus, but in fact, it has immense historical and cultural significance. You see, according to Cypriot legends, this is the destination where Aphrodite emerged out of the sea, isn’t that incredible?

You can access Aphrodite’s Rock from both, Limassol and Paphos within 30 minutes, and the experience will leave you enchanted and beguiled with natural beauty. The beach isn’t rocky but has a great many tiny stones and small pebbles, so be sure to carry jelly shoes with you. The clear blue water and rock formations in the sea are truly a beautiful sight to behold!


Coral Bay is home to the most wondrous rock formations and breathtaking sea caves, and in order to access the coastline, you must make your way past the rocky gatekeepers. The beguiling soft and powdery sand and majestic cove make Coral Bay the most splendid setting to enjoy a calm dip into the sea, or just soak up the sun as you laze around the beach. If you are looking for an idyllic recluse from noisy crowds, Coral Bay is the perfect location. The beach is surrounded with many hotels and resorts to host you and your family for a luxurious weekend getaway.


The stunning Makronissos beach will leave you enchanted with its white sand and crystal blue waters, the perfect setting for a relaxing dip in the ocean. It offers a wide range of adventurous water sports opportunities, including diving, water skiing and much more.

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