What Makes Cyprus an Attractive Investment Market

Cyprus has always been a popular investment market for foreign investors. The country provides attractive risk-return investment opportunities,  infrastructural developments, and is abundant with natural beauty. Over the recent years, Cyprus has witnessed a groundbreaking innovation in investment and land development, which has tripled its FDI in-flows through the immigration permit schemes and the process of naturalization.
Property sales and investments began soaring back in 2016, and 2018 was a year of robust development in the construction and real estate industry. Cyprus attracts investors with its attractive risk-returns policies, its residential and commercial developments, and of course, its luxurious tourist attractions.

Cyprus Attractive Investment Market

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By investing in real estate offerings as a foreign investor, Cyprus allows you to diversify your portfolio and holdings with an appealing risk-return package that ensure that any potential drawbacks in one sphere of your investments doesn’t cause your entire portfolio to crumble down. Investing in the competitive and growing real estate market of Cyprus comes with a great many credible assurances and steady returns.
By investing in multiple markets abroad, you can diversify your property portfolio and recover from financial blows and investment failures more effectively. After recovering from the economic crisis of 2008, Cyprus is now opening up a great many possibilities for investors to expand their investments and avoid negative drops with risk-free returns.


Investing in the island of Cyprus ensures a steady and healthy cash flow of a reasonably sizeable amount, perfect to make a sound investment that can generate you a passive income. Even though property management can be challenging for foreign investors, but a robust real estate industry like Cyrpus is brimming with agencies that provide reliable and efficient property and asset management services. You can receive a timely collection of rents from your tenant, while the professionals can take care of all the legalities and maintenance requirements.
The greatest advantage is that investors do not have to worry about paying hefty fine and tax payments. It would not be an understatement to say that the efficient property management in Cyprus has emerged as a reliable choice amongst investors seeking to receive a steady cash flow without putting much effort, or a post-retirement investment.


Cyprus attracts real estate investors with its transparent and attractive system of taxation, which is 100% compliant with the requirements of the OECD, the directives laid out by the European Union and other international property laws. At 12.5%, corporate income tax rates across Cyprus remain the lowest in the entire European Union, and you can also enjoy dividend participation exemption along with an exemption on the disposal of securities, such as bonds and shares. Moreover, investors do not have to worry about paying any kind of withholding or succession taxes, which makes Cyprus also one of the best states to live in as new residents enjoy several personal tax exemptions and wavers.

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