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Spending active holidays in Cyprus can be an unforgettable experience. The island is brimming with a series of intensely adventurous and rewarding activities. There are plenty of opportunities to indulge in almost any sport, be it windsurfing, ski or scuba diving. When moving along the scenic coastlines and beaches, you can immerse yourself in several water sports for a refreshing, fun, active summer holiday in Cyprus.
Trekking enthusiasts can feast their eyes on the island’s beguiling scenery with plenty of land adventures and nature trails that you can explore on foot and a bike. Cyprus is brimming with an abundance of hiking and cycle routes that will leave you to dumbfound with the beauty and charm.

Active holidays in cyprus

Active Holidays in Cyprus: Akamas Peninsula

Whether you are looking for active holidays in Cyprus or not, you can enjoy the remote beauty Akamas as it has a lot to offer. Tucked away in north-west Cyrus, Akamas Peninsula is home to some of the most adventurous routes, rugged mountain cliffs, majestically rolling hilltops, and scenic beaches. You can head out to the beach for windsurfing or an intensely dramatic scuba diving experience. The nature trails are another exalting experience that will leave you enriched with its wonders. When on the go, be sure to look around for the rare tulips and orchids planted along the trails.

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Also known as Girne, Kyrenia is a magical landscape that will introduce you to the most scenically adorable harbors, deep-rooted historical revelations, and an exotic blend of Turkish and Greek cultures. You must simply explore the fabled stone towers of St. Hilarion Castle, a heritage site steeped in mystery and history.
On your active holidays, the Kyrenia mountain range is another must-visit destination to feast your eyes on exalting landscapes, rugged ridges, and castles soaring high up in the sky. Kyrenia is nothing short of a paradisiacal garden with lush fields of crimson poppies, azure blue waters, and earthly sandy beaches. The architecture of the city is another beguiling walk down the history of countless old civilizations.

Troodos Mountains

Active holidays in Cyprus cannot be without traveling to the beguiling and picturesque Troodos Mountains. It is a hiker’s paradise and has an abundance of nature trails perfect for hiking and cycling. If you are traveling to Cyprus in fall or spring, you can enjoy the lovely weather to hike this region. Moreover, winter is an excellent time for a snowy adventure if you want to enjoy snow-packed peaks. You can even ski down the adventurous slopes of Mount Olympus.

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