8 Influential Real Estate Investment YouTube Channels for Beginners of 2021

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What are the most influential Real Estate Investment YouTube Channels for Beginners? What channel should you start with? Well, that all depends on what type of real estate investment you are looking to get into. There are YouTube channels that focus more on long-term real estate investment, and there are some that focus on short-term investments, some on rentals, etc.
Our YouTube channel picks below are the ones that we find helpful for real estate beginner investors with tons of value. Let’s dive into the list:

Real Estate Investment YouTube Channels for Beginners

1. The Rich Dad Channel

First, on our list of the 7 influential real estate investment YouTube Channels for beginners is The Rich Dad Channel operated by Robert T. Kiyosaki, the author of a best-selling book called Rich Dad, Poor Dad. In this channel, there are a lot of videos on real estate investment for beginners. However, the channel goes beyond real estate investment and covers other parts of investment in general.

If you are getting started, this channel is perfect for you since it covers beginners’ investment topics to the advanced audience.

2. Graham Stephan

Graham is a 30-year-old real estate agent and investor who started working in real estate shortly after turning 18, with over $120,000,000 in residential real estate sales since 2008. Within his YouTube channel, he shares his successes, failures, and experiences in the real estate industry and supports others who are thinking of getting into the business.

We consider Graham’s channel to be one of the most influential real estate investment YouTube Channels for beginners since his videos’ tone is simple and to the point. He can teach and direct you to invest correctly in real estate without confusing you.

3. Lili Thompson

Lili Thompson YouTube channel is documenting her journey in real estate investing and sharing everything she learned with the world.

Through her YouTube videos, she explains how to your real estate investing journey if you are a beginner, real estate wholesaler deals, house hacking, real estate terminologies, and many more.

Her way of explaining her content is simple, and it is one of the suitable real estate investment YouTube channels for beginners.

4. BiggerPockets

BiggerPockets YouTube channel is the complete resource for anyone looking to succeed in real estate investing. The channel offers content that covers every aspect of real estate investing, from analyzing deals, finding and finance properties, tips and advice, and so much more.

Brandon at BiggerPockets is a great real estate instructor who touches on crucial key points about real estate investment. His knowledge is vast, and you can benefit from watching his videos.

5. Charlie Chang

Charlie is a 28-year-old entrepreneur based in Southern California. I run multiple businesses ranging from E-commerce to real estate brokerage. He makes videos about personal finance, earning money online, investing, productivity, real estate, and entrepreneurship. Charlie is a massive proponent of self-employment and building up multiple streams of income.

Charlie’s videos cover a wide range of topics related to real estate investment, and he is excellent at explaining his subjects in a step-by-step tone. He is knowledgeable in his field, and you will enjoy his videos while benefiting a lot.

6. Real Estate Investment YouTube Channels for Beginners: Ken McElroy

With over two decades of experience in real estate investing, Ken McElroy, as one of our picks for the 7 influential real estate investment YouTube channels for beginners, is passionate about sharing the good life by helping real estate investors grow and prosper. This channel is a place for Ken to discuss numerous topics connected to real estate investing, including finance, budgeting, the entrepreneur mindset, and creating passive income.   

Ken offers a wealth of personal experiences, practical advice, success stories, and even some informative setbacks, all presented here to educate and inspire. Whether you’re a new or seasoned investor, the information and resources on this channel will set you on a path where you and your investments can thrive.

7. Meet Kevin

Kevin is a 29-year-old real estate broker & investor working daily in real estate & construction fields since 17 years old, owning over $20,000,000 in real estate $20,000,000 in stocks. In his channel, Kevin teaches you how to enjoy the trials and tribulations of growing a real estate company with a heavy emphasis on Providing More value to clients, whether by design, staging, construction, or concierge real estate services. This channel helps you grow your real estate portfolio and acquire wealth.

In this channel, you will learn about real estate investment and find content about investing in stocks, federal reserve, Tesla shares, etc. His videos are fun to watch, so have a look!

8. Malcolm Lawson – REALTOR

In this channel, Malcolm talks about Maryland’s home state and helps home buyers move there to make intelligent real estate decisions. You’ll learn insider secrets about Maryland that only someone living in Maryland will know. I will answer all of your real estate questions to know you are making the best decision possible when it comes to your home.

Malcolm is a Maryland native, 11-year Air Force Vet, YouTuber and Real Estate Agent, and team leader of The Lawson Group of Keller Williams. Located in Annapolis, Maryland, he helps Maryland families buy, sell and invest in real estate.

Conclusion: Real Estate Investment YouTube Channels for Beginners

These YouTube channels are an excellent place to start your educational journey about real estate investment. However, these channels are not limited to beginners only. More advanced investors can also benefit from watching these channels to stay updated and ahead of their game when it comes to general investment.

There are many other influential real estate investment YouTube channels for beginners out there, so make sure to check out other YouTube channels to expand your knowledge on real estate investment.


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