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Larnaca Real Estate Investments

Sunshadow Investments is a real estate development and investment company in Larnaca, Cyprus delivering high-end properties and projects to invest and purchase.

Sunshadow prides itself on being able to deliver high-quality projects. And we do not subscribe to the philosophy of mass-produced apartments and row upon row of look-alike houses.

Real Estate Projects in Larnaca

GAIA Project

2-3 Bedrooms Apartments & Skyvillas

NOX Residences

2-3 Bedroom Apartments


Watch how we operate and build in Larnaca, the stunning seaside city, your next destination for your next investment.

Real Estate Investment in Larnaca, Cyprus

Years of Experience

Years of Experience in Property Development

With years of experience in property development investment, marketing, renovating, property management and residential sales, we are a company that is committed to each client’s best interests.

Strategic Locations

Strategic Locations for Investment and Lifestyle

When choosing locations to build, we carefully select areas with highest potential in market growth, close proximity to the essential amenities, and with the most pleasant view and atmosphere.

Enjoyable Residences

Truly Liveable and Enjoyable Residences

The 2 and 3 bedroom apartments have been carefully designed to maximise the available space. They are both inspired and sensible. They offer open, spacious living areas with full height and full width thermal glazed windows, expansive balconies, extensive storage in the bedrooms and kitchen and quality floor ceramics in all areas.

Aesthetic Designs

Aesthetic Designs Infused with Build Quality

Attractive developments which are both economically viable and aesthetically pleasing. Developments which are consistently innovative and environmentally responsible in their design, construction and sustainability. Management and construction in line with European industry standards and quality assurance principles.

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Start Your Journey for Real Estate Investment in Cyprus

Start this rewarding journey with investing in real estate in Cyprus, not only for its natural beauty and history but also for its growth and returns. Whether you’re thinking of buying a quiet beachfront property, an apartment in a lively city center, or a luxurious villa, there are properties in the Republic of Cyprus that match every investor’s tastes. With our professional team working behind the scenes, you are guided at every step, from choosing the right property to sealing the deal, resulting in a smooth and successful investment experience.

Just imagine that Cyprus stands at the crossroads of history: it’s now the gateway to Europe and the Middle East, with rich culture and strategic advantage, offering a great location for investors who want to achieve reach beyond the borders of their nation. Combine this with favorable tax conditions, a sound legal environment, and a sophisticated economy, the investment opportunities in the real estate of Cyprus pertain not only to the acquisition of the property but to making a strategic choice for the long term and for one’s own benefit.