The most important thing to us is the service we provide to our clients. And we are pleased to offer every single client the highest level of service that they would expect and deserve.


As a company born in Cyprus, with roots deep in the soil of our country, we know about Cyprus real estate. We offer ‘best-in-class’: well-planned, well-built, and with unencumbered title deeds as soon as formalities have been complete. These are our assurances and commitments.

Each one of our properties has been designed and planned by us. We know all there is to know about it. From initial concept through to finishing touches and completion, we project-manage the entire process. That’s why we can offer our clients value-for-money properties that we know will delight on a personal level and represent significant investment potential at the financial level.


Sunshadow’s development criteria are to create attractive, contemporary projects in locations where people want to be; aiming not only to meet the requirements of the property buyer, but to redefine and surpass them. We do this by creating properties based on their unique combination of position, proximity to local amenities, ‘liveability’ and lifestyle potential and forecasted rental return and capital gain. We plan, design and construct our projects to exacting European standards with the needs of both the astute investor and discerning owner in mind.

We are committed to delivering outstanding lifestyle and investment opportunities through a balanced approach that blends personal requirements, community needs, local character, and return on investment. A building may be stone, steel or glass, but we know that it is people who create a liveable and thriving environment. So our innovative apartment and housing developments are planned to harmonise with the local community and surroundings.