Sunshadow is dedicated to supporting clients at every stage of the property acquisition process – just one of the many benefits of using our service.


First and foremost, you will be treated with respect as an individual. You can expect to receive a customised service that reflects your specific needs and expectations, because we understand that no two clients have the same criteria. One person may be looking to invest in high income property with tax benefits; another may want to take advantage of the Cyprus Government scheme for residence by property acquisition; yet another may be seeking a holiday or retirement home.

At Sunshadow, we will take whatever time is necessary to understand fully your own goals and objectives. Then we’ll work with you on developing a personalised winning strategy from the outset by helping you gain an in-depth understanding of the fundamentals; putting you in a much stronger position to make an informed choice.


Once you have successfully made your purchase, you can be confident that Sunshadow will provide you with continuing high levels of service.

Our Aftercare Team will work with you through the technicalities and requirements and be on hand to provide you with any help and advice that you may need.

We will guide you on such matters as:

Construction status.

Stage payment reminders.

Support with financial and legal matters such as setting up bank accounts and dealing with lawyers.

Obtaining quotes on your behalf for the installation of additional items such as swimming pools, furniture and security systems.