A professionally owned and operated company, Sunshadow prides itself on being able to deliver high quality development projects. And we do not subscribe to the philosophy of mass-produced apartments and row upon row of look-alike houses.

With more than 35 years’ experience in the Cyprus property market, we are proud of our ‘local’ status. We remain committed to seeing the southern coast of Cyprus enhance its reputation as a highly sought-after destination for investors, businesses and pleasure seekers through carefully-planned property development – without adversely impacting the natural environment that Cyprus has to offer.

As developers, we understand that we are only ever as good as our last project – so rather than rest on our past successes, we consistently invest in our own evolution. By focusing on our key strengths and innate ability to foresee the trends in real estate, Sunshadow has clearly identified the optimum strategic areas for future growth.


By carefully identifying tomorrow’s demand for residential and investment properties today, Sun Shadow is establishing an enviable reputation for innovation, quality, design and reliability.

Our Mission is to create outstanding residential property projects that have the greatest potential value as homes, as business opportunities, and as investments. To do this, we ensure first-class design and construction from start to finish by supervising the seamless integration of contributing industry professionals, so that each project can be completed to exacting standards… on time, every time.

Sunshadow aims to provide every client with a truly dynamic portfolio of properties, offering a unique combination of strong growth returns and positive cash-flow income; all this complemented by an outstanding service package that is carefully researched and compiled with the client’s best interests at the forefront.

Our focus is about making a difference for our clients — plain and simple